Thursday, 12 February 2015

Repurposed fruit

We seemed to squeeze so much into the day today without it feeling frantic.  Some days just work better than others!

The children completed some learning, most of which was online.  We use Skwirk and Reading Eggs a lot.  Then it was time to do something the children have been wanting to do for ages.  We brought the bag of doll's clothes outside and set up a laundry complete with tub, washing powder, pegs and a handmade clothes line.  They had a ball!
Buddy and Pumpkin made up some fruit chews made from juice and gelatine.  That's it.  The only ingredients!
Later I found the three children on the couch horse drawn carriage.   We had a driver, princess and a maid.  I love their creative play.  It's interesting to see them all join in the same game, given their different ages and stages.
Then my favourite part of the day......... I found yet another use for preserved fruit that didn't work.  A couple of weeks ago when I finished my preserves I noticed that a couple of jars hadn't sealed.  I'm very new to this preserving business and have a lot to learn.  I think the second hand lids I used weren't up to the job any more.  I emptied the jars of peaches and apricots into a pot, added some plums and stewed it all well.  That night we had a crumble with the mixed fruit.  It was not just ok, it was divine!!

I popped the leftover juice from the stewing pot into a container in the freezer.  Today I blended some of the frozen mix with just a little of our milk and was delighted with the result.  It was like ice cream.  The children were very happy!

Then it was off to the pool for a quick dip and home to make pizza for tea.  I can be quite lazy with food sometimes, encouraging the kids to eat fruit, make sandwiches etc. but I'm sometimes a little bit amazed by the concoctions I come up with when I am in the mood.  Those ruined preserves weren't ruined at all.  They were fruit crumbles and ice cream waiting to be invented!


Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Great uses for the fruit. Love the photo of the kids in the carriage, they look very involved in the game.

Cheryl said...

My youngest plays like that, very imaginative and pretends a lot, but my eldest two don't really get into it, and not just because they are "older now" they weren't much like that when they were young. But it is beautiful to watch that sort of play isn't it.

purplepear said...

Lovely to see the children playing so creatively. I also make crumble out of excess fruit that I don't have time to preserve or have quickly stewed up so they'll keep but haven't preserved. Love the icecream idea!

Anonymous said...

Lots of creativity going on here from all the family by the look of things!

Kathy said...

The creativity seems to run in your family! The ice cream looks wonderful!!

Linda said...

Thanks fiona!

I love imaginative play Cheryl.

Arrgh! Are you telling me even experienced preservers have failures Kate?

Aroundthemulberrytree, we had a great day!

Thanks Kathy. 😄