Friday, 15 May 2015

Lazy housekeeping

Well I never!!  Hubby arrived home from work one night last week as I was busily bustling in the kitchen preparing a meal.  He walked in the door and the first words out of his mouth were, "Gee, you've worked hard today!'
I stopped dead in my tracks and turned to stare at him.  What??!  I normally feel completely at ease with our arrangement of Hubby working each day while I stay home and teach the children, organise the house, clothes, food etc.  I know that I put in a good day's work that can easily rival Hubby's efforts.

However, on this particular day I had been very lazy.  Not sure what came over me really but I just couldn't be bothered.  The rush and tear seemed unimportant.  So the kids and I just did as we pleased.  Apart from caring for the animals, we did nothing.  No painting the house like I have been, no collecting or shoveling manure, no planting or fertilising in the garden, not even any washing of clothes.
I looked around the lounge room.  Yep!  Sure enough, the place looked great.  About half an hour before he'd walked in the door, I did my usual call of, "Put away everything you've used today."  A quick scurry around and it was all done.
Oh dear, oh dear!  How ironic.  My usual busy days create mess.  Whereas on my lazy, feeling guilty, should-have-done-more day, the house looked great.  No clothes hanging on clothes horses ( they weren't washed), no piles of unaddressed stuff on the table because I hadn't got anything out.  No kid's messes because I'd been inside to do the pack-up call.  No aching muscles, no bone tired weariness.  Just a tidy home.

So I stood there - shocked!  I didn't know whether to feel demoralised that my real work doesn't show or plan to spend more time sitting on my butt!!

Are you a mess maker too?


Cheryl said...

Reveal nothing..hehehehe....of course you were busy ALL DAY!

Then repeat on a weekly basis now you know you can get away with it....hehe.

Around The Mulberry Tree said...

Oh I giggled when I read this!

narf7 said...

It's amazing how much mess a normal house can generate in its day to day machinations. We don't have small children but we have 2 inside dogs that shed hair, chew things up and that can be found in various states of upside down and under your feet at any time of the day. The big wood burning stove generates enough ash and dust to rival Mt Etna and I spend my days sweeping various sad looking rugs and hairy floors in a vain attempt to keep a semblance of "tidy" and keep the home fires burning. I feel your angst but mess is organic isn't it? ;)

Bekka Joy said...

haha! too funny!

Gingi Freeman said...

Hehe, I love your blogging style.. and YES, I am a mess maker too! <3 -

Chris said...

A messy house can be a sign of productivity, for sure. :)

purplepear said...

Love it. It's a bit like people thinking a simple life is easy. A simple life does make a mess.

Linda said...

Yes cheryl! Imagine how impressed Hubby would be if I could always keep the house so well!

I know, Mulberry! Too funny!

Narf, I like that. Organic! And we all know I love organic!

Lol Bekka Joy! Not fair really but funny.

Gingi, yay! Another mess-maker.

Chris I don't really know how productive though if my work is not obvious!

Yep Kate and lots of it!

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Maybe you should allocate one day a week like this and claim it as 'The Big Clean' day. Each week you could have the lazy day and do just 1 cleaning type job that you would not normally do (mine would be cleaning windows, washing the kitchen cupboards, pantry clean out, kitchen cupboard declutter etc) so you can justify it to yourself and just soak up the praise.

Linda said...

I love it Fiona! Lol! And then read a book all day!

Farmer Liz said...

haha, yep I'm a mess-maker, everything I do seems to make dishes. Lucky my husband likes to clean.... and I like to organise his shed, somehow is works.

Linda said...

Liz, that sounds like a match made in heaven!!

Tania @ Out Back said...

Always a mess here, but it does get tidied once a day.

I think we all have days when we just do nothing. A time to rest and have a break from routine feels good!


Linda said...

Hee hee, sound like I should be having more of them Tania!