Friday, 3 June 2011

Black Market Tomorrow

Thank goodness today is the last day of the week.  Tomorrow I can sleep in.  I got out of bed at 5.30 this morning, a little later than usual, it is still dark outside, the roosters are crowing and the children are still fast asleep.

I haven't started organising brekky yet.  I'll do that in a minute.  Today we need to be out the door early.  Yesterday was busy too, so I didn't get a chance to bake.  Therefore I am up stewing apples and making a cake so the children have enough for lunch.  Home days are easy but the days we go out I have to be much more organised with food!

The cake in the oven is another effort at a wholemeal cake.  If I have mastered it this time I might make another tomorrow for the Black Market.  I love the Black Market right down to it's cheeky name.  Basically it is a very informal get together where we exchange food.  It is my favourite place to get food for the family.  Tomorrow I won't have any vegies to take.  The garden isn't doing much at the moment, so I will take some of my freshly ground flour and that's about all this time.  I'm looking forward to the social aspect of the market too.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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