Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The June Black Market

Well the Black Market was wonderful as always.  They seem to shrink a bit in winter.  I imagine that's because the produce is less and because it is just too cold to want to go out early in the day!  Therefore it was a lovely little gathering of just over 10 adults.  It is a wonderful, social way to buy locally.  We stand around chatting with coffee in hand, and learn skills and ideas from each other as well as buying fresh, local produce. 

I actually found this particular market quite difficult because I had my three children there and my husband was at work.  I find it hard to have proper conversations and keep my eye on the kids in an unfamiliar environment.  That being said, I don't really want to leave them at home every time I go either because I think it is so good for them to know food does not have to come from a supermarket.  Hopefully next month my husband can come too and between us we will manage much better.

We bought some lovely freshly cooked muffins (which didn't even make it to the car before being devoured) some olives, apples, dried chamomile flowers, dried lemon verbena, ruby chard and my FOUR litre tin of local olive oil.  I have been buying this olive oil in 500ml bottles but I keep running out before the month is up.  I used to consider expensive, fresh olive oil as an exorbitant luxury, but now I see it as the only way to go.  It is local (I know exactly where it grew), my money is not going to a major overseas corporation and the difference it makes in cooking is amazing!!!  I hope my four litres manages to last till the next monthly market!

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