Thursday, 2 June 2011

Plastic - Used for good, not evil?!

I find it so hard in this day and age to find alternatives to plastic.  We have managed to eradicate ALL supermarket bags and lots and lots of plastic packaging.  Still, for storage and carting lunches to schools and kindergartens, I am very guilty of using lots of plastic.  Fortunately my eight year old has no problem with taking stewed apple and custard in containers, yoghurt (made from sachets), sultanas bought in large bags and put into a little container etc.  Most children at her school take bought biscuits, muesli bars, packets of chips etc.  She even had a giggle with me about the fact that one child felt 'sorry' for her for having to bring boring lunches.  My daughter thinks her own lunches are much nicer!  Still, enough of the smug glee - my sink makes it look like I am a plastic junkie!  I can't decide how bad these containers are, because without them I couldn't provide such nutritious, homemade lunches.

This photo is taken on a weekday and I hope that the fact that I prepare most of our food at home makes up for all this plastic!  I have made sandwich wraps for the kids which I love.  They can be re-used time and time again.  The middle wrap in the photo below was one of the first that I made.  I now line them all with calico rather than the same material as the outer.  It looks neater and cleaner and is a good cheap option.

I found the instructions on how to make these wraps on a blog that I love to follow called Towards Sustainability.  Julie has lots of practical recipes there.

I must fly now because it's time to start filling all those wonderful/evil containers.

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