Thursday, 9 June 2011

Our Chook Tractor

When we first moved here (seven years ago) there was the frame of an old trampoline left behind by the last owners.  We decided not to throw it out, believing that we would find a purpose for it one day.  Thank goodness, because a few years down the track we looked at it and thought, "Of course, it's a chook tractor waiting to happen!!!"  Using nothing but materials from around the place, we now have a wonderful chook tractor from junk! 

It is going to be somewhat more cumbersome than most, but I'm not going to turn my nose up at a free chook tractor that gave old junk new life!  We will be using it mainly in the same area so we won't need to move it far each time.  For the time being we are trying to transform a very unproductive area on the top of our hill.    If we slowly move it from spot to spot, the chooks can poo and scratch to their hearts content.  Then a bit of mulch and a rest and hopefully we will soon have some good soil for planting trees.  I hope so because unbeknownst to my husband I ordered and paid for another cherry tree (Bing) and a Pink Lady today.  I wanted the cherry because the other is not producing very well yet.  Although it is self fertile, I have heard they do better with another cherry nearby.  I wanted the Pink Lady to try and extend our apple season.  They are late season apples.

This year we had Granny Smith and Jonathons and they were amazing!  I can't wait until we get to the point where we can walk outside at any time of year and select a piece of fruit according to the season.  If we were to do that today we would have to select a lemon!

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