Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Trustworthy Sources of Information on Solar

We have felt like we were walking through a minefield as we have researched installing solar panels.
There are so many people claiming to be experts, each giving different information, much of it conflicting.  I couldn't find any information by googling and was getting to the point that I didn't trust any advice.  After all, these companies stand to make a lot of money from us and I think many would tell us anything to get our business!

As a family on one income with young children, we don't have a lot of disposable income (certainly none to waste!).  However, it is so important to us to not negatively impact this wonderful planet, that we are determined to find ways to use less fossil fuels. 

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to find an old brochure from Sustainability Victoria.  I rang them and they were able to provide all the information I have been desperately searching for!

The Clean Energy Council has a comprehensive explanation of connecting solar to the grid.  The best part. for me, is the fact that they provide a list of accredited designers.  http://www.cleanenergycouncil.org.au/cec/resourcecentre/Consumer-Info/solarPV-guides

The Australian Government has information on solar credits.

There is also a very interesting table showing what the different electricity companies are offering in relation to solar.

If after reading up on all of this, you feel you need more advice there is a list of Sustainability Assessors who can advise you on what will suit your household best.  This service is probably a good idea for anyone who is uncertain about the complicated process.  Given that connecting to solar is sooooo expensive it would be best not to make mistakes!

We haven't had a chance to discuss it in detail yet, but I think we will probably use an assessor to guide us.  There will be lots of talking and thinking happening in this house over the next week or so.


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Congratulations on winning the Fiskars axe!