Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sustainable Presents/Gifts

Lately I have been giving a lot of thought to presents.  Recently a friend's grandmother died and I wanted to give her a gift.  This present was easy!  I bought a lavender which can be planted in memory of her grandmother, and every time she picks it, or brushes past and smells it, hopefully she will have lovely memories.
I love plants as gifts because I feel no guilt whatsoever in giving them, and who doesn't love a nice plant!

Last year for Christmas, I made my friends aprons.  Luckily they all love to cook.  Other years I have made soap, jam or given garlic from our garden.  I have bought scarves, jewellery and a lovely knitted bag from here.  For young children there are heaps of ideas.  There are plenty of organic soft toys online and there are wooden toys and puzzles.  I particularly like the pirate ship I bought my son a couple of years ago.  He loves toys with little bits and pieces.  This one even has a separate little row boat and a crocodile (both of which are temporarily misplaced, of course).

It was a Plan toy from this online store.  They also have dolls houses, garages with cars etc.

My children are easy to buy for.  They live in a home where most things are purchased second hand, nothing is bought without thought and they are never bought STUFF brand new just for fun.  As a result, they are very appreciative of many things, love op shopping and are delighted with practical gifts. In fact, it is very rare that my children ask me to buy things for them.  They just don't think like consumers. 

However, I struggle to buy for older children.  Once they are past the toddler age group I start to run out of ideas.  Many of my children's friends own Wii's and DS's and stuff like that.  I'm not even really sure what these are to be honest!  I don't think they would appreciate some of the lovely sustainable presents around but I am not comfortable buying plastic junk.  I did buy some Guatemalan Worry Dolls once, but other than that I am stumped for ideas.  Instead I tend to buy craft type presents and books.  I am constantly on the lookout and would love to collate a list of ideas for the five to twelve year age range.

What do you buy for this age range of 'children who have everything'?!!!


Stitchin' time said...

I sew and bags and hair accessories (hairbands, headbands - especially reversible ones, decorated clips) are well received by girls. Boys who already have cars/marbles like drawstring bags to cart them around in especially if the bag contains another toy to add to their collection - 2 bags are good so they can use one while their Mum washes the other.

Linda said...

I love your ideas! Particularly the marbles. What little boy (or little girl for that matter) doesn't love marbles?! And the bag really personalises the gift.

I will be using ALL these ideas! Thank you.

Amanda said...

I am thinking about presents at the moment for Christmas time...I think it is time to start crafting! The pirate ship looks great!