Saturday, 16 July 2011

School Holidays - A Time of Reflection

I love school holidays.  Earlier this week my daughter asked me if she could sew a bag.  Usually when she wants to do something creative like this, we never quite get to it.  However, with time up our sleeves we went to the op-shop and bought heaps of material and I taught her to use the sewing machine.  I wish I could have captured the look on her face on camera.  She couldn't believe she was allowed to use this adult tool.

Now Miss Eight has finished her bag and is wearing it everywhere with pride!  Yes, even in the house!  I was surprised at her choice of material - we had a pretty blue piece with flowers.  Then I heard her tell someone that it looked like mine. My bag is very similar - worn over the shoulder and mainly brown.  How sweet!

We also made patty cakes.  The children helped.

We decided they should be purple!  They came out brown!

They were a hit though!  My poor husband didn't even get to taste one.

  Master Five and Miss Eight did some heavy gardening.  They dug up a patch of grass together, watered it and covered it with straw.  Children observe so much!  I have never explained the theory of never leaving soil exposed to the elements but obviously they realise just by watching that this is how it should be.  Then they wrote a plan for gardening.  "Dig the weeds, rake the weeds, dig the soil to make it loose.  Plant flowers, vegies and fruit."  It even included a list of tools that would be needed.  I love it!!!

I have found myself trying to work out a new plan for our family.  This last two weeks have been so special.  I want to find a way to recreate this atmosphere during the school term.  Sadly I haven't come up with a plan.  It just can't be done. 

Maybe next year!  I have been reading two books on homeschooling every time I have stopped for a cuppa but it scares me!  Last year I homeschooled Miss Eight and this year she is homeshooling two days a week and at our primary school for three days.  Next year, my two younger children are due to start school and I can't imagine homeschooling all three.  They are not as co-operative as Miss Eight.  Never mind.  The next holidays will come around soon enough and in the meantime I will just keep reading and planning.

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