Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Create Less Waste

Today Rhonda from Down to Earth posted about reducing waste.  I'm linking to her post with some of our ways of reducing rubbish.  It's a topic of great interest to me as well.  One that I have blogged about before.

We don't use cling wrap, we reuse washed bread bags for wrapping food and also use tea towels as food wraps.

We made this chook tractor from an old trampoline frame that the previous owners left behind.  We had to cut a wattle that was too close to the house for safety.  The branches finished off the frame and we covered it all with wire.

The op-shop is another way we re-use and I could take a thousand photos of all the things we have bought from there and given a new home.

Every one of these jars is from the Op Shop

Three of my Op Shop aprons with a market bought kids one.  I think I have a fetish for aprons.  I have eight aprons in total!

My version of disposable wipes.  Damp face washer in a container.
Hubby made me this trellis for peas, beans etc.  It is made from tea tree branches and I love it!

Make sure you visit Rhonda and read all the comments as well.  There are so many wonderful tips!


Evi said...

Linda, I could of written this post! We have a trampoline chook house, my jars are all from the op shop along with most of our other belongings and I always used damp washers for littlies when going out!! I don't have quite as many aprons though ;-) although they are second hand!
I love op shop stuff because it's so cheap, it's mostly better quality, there's a thrill in the finding of a bargain and of course it benefits Mother Earth!

Linda said...

I told you I felt an affinity due to similarities! I would love to see a photo of your trampoline chook house, maybe you could put it on your blog. As for op shopping...... I'm not materialistic and hate shopping centres but we go weekly to a town with a Savers op shop and I spend much more than I should most weeks. Heaps of our belongings and definitely most of our clothes are from the op shop.