Monday, 19 September 2011

Show and Tell

I would like to show you some of the things I have attempted to make, after reading about them on other people's blogs.

Firstly, I cooked a meal that was absolutely incredible!  My whole family enjoyed it, which is unusual, there is usually at least one child that turns their nose up at meal time.

Beef Rouladen with mashed potato, peas and asparagus from our own garden

I improvised a bit by using warragul greens with the onion and bacon because they were in the house

My packages didn't turn out quite as neatly as Rhonda's!
The recipe was from Rhonda at Down to Earth.  The meal is a German meal called Beef Rouladen.

I also made some biscuits I found at slow living essentials.  I thought Christine's 10 year old might enjoy knowing that she made them better than me.  I overcooked my first batch.  Christine's 10 year old cooked them perfectly!  Thanks for the recipe..... they were still yummy!
First batch on the right (oooops)

I also attemped to follow Christine's explanation on how to use circular needles to make socks.  No photo of this one.  It was so tangled that I pulled it undone!!!  I'll try again another day. 

Another blog recipe.......  Citrus Cleaner!  I love it and use it all the time now.  I was using just vinegar before I read this post.  It works wonderfully and you can find the recipe at Just Like My Nan Made.

So I am really enjoy blogging!  It is great looking around people's blogs and lovely having people follow or comment on mine.  There is always so much to be learnt!


Brenna said...

The lemon cleaner looks beautiful! What a great idea, thanks for the link and for the comment on my blog!


nellymary said...

Hi Linda, thanks for the link to my citrus cleaner. It really is as fantastic as it looks. If you use vinegar as a fabric softener; try using the citrus vinegar....Off to have another look at your blog.

Linda said...

Do you dilute it to use as a fabric softener? That sounds like a great idea. It really is the best cleaner I've used!

Evi said...

It IS great to have your own blog as well as read others, isn't it? Somehow, you feel you are sharing and giving as well as taking! I know I am enjoying reading and using other bloggers ideas much more now that I can contribute something too - even if it's just a snippet of our lives!
I am going to have to try that cleaner - I've seen it everywhere!!!

Linda said...

Brenna,Nelly Mary and Evi, I follow all your blogs and really look forward to finding out what you are up to, and learning a new trick or two. I have a real soft spot for your blog Evi. Maybe the similarities of lots of kids and small houses?!

Christine said...

Hi Linda, I'm really pleased you tried the cookies..they're a favourite in our house. I've linked back to you at the end of my post. Isn't the rouladen a tasty dinner? Your's looks delicious! I am so glad Rhonda posted about it because it had been way too long since we'd had it - blogs are great motivators that way. :)

Kristy said...

blogs are great motivators. Thanks for exactly that :)

Linda said...

Hi Kristy, Nice to hear from you. Yes I have a list as long as my arm of new things to try that I have read on other people's blogs.