Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Lemon Cordial (quick and easy)

My daughter's lemon tree was packed with lemons when I visited on the weekend!  There were more than she could possibly use.  I came home with a bag of lemons and decided to make lemon cordial and some citrus cleaner.  I have used photos throughout the recipe and also included the full recipe below if you prefer to follow it uninterupted by the photos.

1 1/2 kg sugar and grated rind of seven lemons

Add one tablespoon of citric acid

Pour in a litre of boiling water and stir

Add juice of the lemons and stand a few hours

Strain the cordial

Bottle and ENJOY!!!

To one and a half kilos of sugar add the zest of 7 lemons and one tablespoon of citric acid.  Pour one litre of boiling water in to the (obviously heatproof) bowl and stir until the sugar is dissolved.  Add the juice of the lemons and stir.  Leave to stand for several hours, strain and bottle in sterilised bottles.

How easy is that?!!!

To explain how good this cordial is, let me tell you about Miss Eight's comment.  I was teasing her by not answering when she was asking if the cordial was ready.  I knew she was dying for a glass!  She misunderstood and said in a horrified voice, "You're not giving it away, are you?!"

I love making things that the children enjoy, even though this one is not enjoyed for it's health benefits!

That being said, it is a wonderful drink with hot water if you are suffering from a cold!

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