Friday, 16 September 2011

Little Man of the House

Recently, one cold morning, I asked the three children, "Who would like to go and collect some wood?!", thinking they would all rush outside together to fill the basket.

To my surprise, only Master Five said yes!  I couldn't very well burst his bubble and tell him he couldn't go by himself.  I was worried he would become distracted and wander off, so I peeked out of the window to keep and eye on him.

Well, I underestimated him.  He worked like a Trojan!  He was so proud to be able to help in such a real way!

He already does heaps of capable jobs around here like feeding chooks, the dog, goats, collecting wood in his little barrow etc., but he always has someone with him.
So proud of his basket of bark wood!

He loved working indepently to help the family and never once became distracted.

  Thank you, gorgeous boy!!!

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purplepear said...

What a great opportunity for your little one to feel good about himself. And good on you for not letting fear take a grip on you and miss the opportunity.