Saturday, 22 October 2011

My Oven

I am EXTREMELY proud of my oven - though some would be ashamed to own one like it!  When we built our house, this oven was in our falling down, termite ridden house that was here when we bought the property.  Back then, it was complete and perfectly usable so we brought it across to the new home.

Since that time, and after lots of use, the glass at the front has fallen off and the hinges that hold the door closed have broken.  But STILL it cooks!  I don't want to replace it with a new one, because I long for a wood oven!  I desperately want one, one with a water jacket to heat our water in winter when the solar isn't so effective.

My kitchen is tiny and I don't know where it would fit, but I figure there must be a solution there somewhere that I just haven't seen yet.  And many people have told me I will still need a back-up oven for the height of summer.  I'd like to think I could cope with just a wood oven but I know they are probably right!  I don't want to extend.  So........... I wait....... I yearn for my wood oven.........

For now I will not replace this slowly crumbling oven because it still cooks well.  It doesn't seem to be using any more gas than it used to somehow!  And this oven, with a broomstick shoved against the door to keep it closed, cooks more than any other oven I know.  Every week it puts out cakes, biscuits, loaves of bread and baked vegetable and main dishes!  We have not wasted any resources buying a new oven when the old one is still serving its purpose well.

So Oven, I love you dearly and am so grateful for the work you do for me, but I would drop you like a hot potato if I could have a wood oven instead!

Do you own anything really tatty that you just can't part with, because it still works well?


Kim said...

If felt just like that, although the oven didn't work very well. It was an old 'kooka' green and cream electric oven that was in the old farmhouse that was here when we arrived. It cooked things dreadfully and I couldn't even attempt cakes but I just loved it. I tried to find a way to use it in the new house...but it would have been crazy when I love cooking so much , plus I was always a bit worried it would electrocute me. But still, I feel a bit wistful for it and the kookaburra picture on it after reading your post.

angela said...

My old oven was the same, when we had to replace the kitchen because if was falling apart I wanted to save the oven but it just would not fit in. I added a place for the refrigerator. So we had to get a new smaller oven. I have now had this oven for about 8 years and its still going strong so I see it will be in place until it dies too.

Linda said...

Kim, your old Kooka sounds wonderful. I hope you repurposed it somehow. I love old ovens!

Angela, It's nice to hear you are cautious about buying new appliances too. Here's wishing your oven many more happy years to come!

Nanette said...

I have a chunky old analog tv, and look longingly at the sleek digital's, but can't bring myself to buy a new one while this one works. It's the same with my electric jug, the auto cut off no longer works and I have to hang about to turn it off, but I can't justify tossing it out because it doesn't turn itself off. It's good to see others who are diligent about not wasting resources.

Thanks for visiting my blog Linda, nice to 'meet' another op shop junkie.

Deezy said...

I'll admit to a bit of a giggle at your oven Linda! My parents are renovating an old house in Wedderburn and when they moved in only had an archaic wood oven-which was also their only sorce of heating. Since then they have finished renovating the kitchen and installed a new electric oven-but Mum is still cooking on the wood stove ( which they left in situ!) because she prefers it!

Linda said...

Hi Nanette, I love your profile picture! I have 'a thing' for gumboots. Yes, we also have an analog TV and a toaster that needs to be watched carefully coz it doesn't always pop up. Funny how some people need everything to be perfect, because I think we are lucky to have such a comfortable life even with our shonky things. By the way, the sleek TVs use a lot of electrity, you should look into it if you ever need to replace.

Nice to hear from you Deezy! I'm glad you got a giggle. It takes a little negotiating to get around the broomstick sometimes. I bet your mum says it cooks better than the electric. I used to have a wood oven and I didn't seem to be able to ruin anything in it. Even if the temperature was wrong it seemed to cook well.

farmer_liz said...

great post, most of our furniture/appliances fit into this category actually! In fact the only new thing in the house is our wood stove that we installed when we moved in (i posted on my blog about it over winder). It is in the lounge and used for cooking and heating all winter. I think I could survive without an electric stove if I also had a decent BBQ set up to cook outside all summer, that would be so much nicer than a hot kitchen.

Dani said...

Linda - "And many people have told me I will still need a back-up oven for the height of summer." Have you considered buying a SunOK Solar Oven? They are seriously brilliant!

Not only can they cook almost everything (I have compiled a solar oven recipe book - info on my blog), but their use in summer also removes all the heat from your kitchen.

Don't know what I would do without mine... :)

Linda said...

Hi Farmer Liz, (Great name), yes I could cook on the Barbie more. In fact I really like that idea because the barbie is hubby's domain. I could have summers free from cooking!

Dani, I will need to look into the Solar Ovens. I'm a bit scared of new cooking methods because I like to know a meal will turn out right the first time. Still, I should investigate - maybe it won't be as different as I imagine?

Margaret said...

I had a semi combustion wood stove years ago and it was Wonderful,everything seemed to cook better and taste wonderful.
A wood stove doesn't burn for a very long time, a Semi combustion will sometimes burn overnight, but a Combustion will stay alight all night, which is something to consider if you are using it for heating.Ours was built in a small alcove and a built in wood box was to the side, the lid was used as a seat by the children.
You may find a second hand one in the local paper or on the local radio if they have a community programme, or you could try "Gumtree" on the net.