Monday, 14 November 2011

A Good Weekend

I've watched my sister reading this book and I know it's good!
If only I could read!
The Black Market was on again this weekend (a casual, food swap market) so I set off armed with freshly ground flour, 2 bunches of rhubarb and a lettuce.

We had fun wandering the vegie garden, feeding the goats and chatting with lovely people.

My basket returned home with bread, some jam and some great plants for the garden.  Boysenberries, borage, New Zealand yam and a white strawberry.  The bread was lovely - note the missing chunk!

We had the people in our street over for our annual Community Fireguard Group meeting on Sunday.  This is a group of neighbours who get together with a facilitator from the CFA to discuss the dangers of bushfires and clarify our fire plans.  We use these meetings as a bit of a fun event as well. 

Everyone brings a plate of food to share and we chat and catch up after the meeting.  I was too busy hosting to remember to take a photo so I took photos of the evidence of a great afternoon at home.

A very satisfying week-end. 


Christine said...

The black market sounds like loads of fun! Homeground flour? I'd be tracking you down quick smart if I was around!! A good bounty to come home with, too. Looking forward to seeing more of that white strawberry as it grows. :)

Kim said...

I want to know more about the homeground flour!!!! The market sounds amazing. Great post, sounds like you have a lovely community.

Linda said...

Hi Christine and Kim, Yes our market is fabulous and I'm so glad someone put the effort into starting it. It is the only time that I catch up with like-mindeds and I love it. I never miss one!

As for the flour, the first time I ate a cake cooked with freshly ground flour, I was hooked! The wholemeal at the supermarkets has no flavour compared to it. Our mill was very expensive but I believe it was worth every cent.