Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Spot the Carrot

In my mind's eye, this small but fertile little patch of dirt was going to produce masses of carrots!  It's every gardener's dream.  Huge yeild for small space!

How many can you see?
Here is a photo of my last lot of carrot planting.  This patch was more successful by a third!
Given my huge success with a germination rate of, oh..... at least 1%, I think I will try the more difficult Purple Dragon carrots next.  The idea of purple carrots fascinates me!

Help!!!  Any carrot growing advice gratefully accepted!  I sowed these mixed with a handful of sand and kept them covered with an old sheet.  I watered them through the sheet while waiting for them to germinate, to ensure the soil remained moist.  I had a few slugs under the sheet, so I removed it after several days and just watered regularly.


angela said...

as well as the sand, mix in some raddish seed. raddishes grow faster than carrots so when you harvest those you automatically think the carrots our.

Linda Woodrow said...

Germinating carrots in the open is a challenge, specially this time of year. They only need to dry out for an hour or so and it's all over. This is my carrot growing method. It works wonderfully. I'm favouring Early Nantes variety at the moment, but I do have a few favourites. Haven't tried Purple Dragons yet, but it's on my list.

Dani said...

I just make a row with my finger, pop the seeds in and cover gently. I also plant them with raddish seeds, so that I remember that the carrots are there whilst they take their (lengthy) time to pop above ground. Keeping them moist until they finally show is easy - 'cos the raddish remind me of what is to come :)

Linda said...

Angela, I'm looking forward to the radish idea, only I don't think any of us eat them. Maybe the goats will? Anyway, I definitely will try planting them together next time.

Linda, thank you for pointing me to that post. I don't have a shade house yet, but I do have a very shady area under a tree so I might try germinating some under there.

Dani, you make it sound so easy that I want to weep! I thought I had spoilt my seeds rotten but they still didn't work!