Monday, 26 December 2011

A Merry Christmas

The presents are all made.  The little end of year 'appreciation' Christmas gifts have been handed out.
We've made the bon bons (corny jokes and all)

The table was set and ready to go
The family arrived
My eldest child!
My beautiful granddaughter!
My parents
My two lovely nieces were also here.  I could have kicked myself when I realised I didn't get a photo of the two of them!

The presents were handed out - our yearly tradition is that Poppy is the gift hander outer.  And yes, I do believe someone may have glued the glass to his hand!
Presents were opened with glee!  A lot of op shopped presents were given out between the adults this year.  It was great to see!  Second hand books, picnic sets, etc.
Who was having the most fun?!
The house and yard were trashed!  Evidence of a wonderful day had by all!!!

The weather changed........  The kids were happy playing with their presents so I had time to lie on the verandah and read a magazine!

Miss Eight left out a Christmas card for Santa.  It read -

"Dear Santa, My big sister is 18 and if you still give her Christmas presents could you leave them with me please?

But if they have Christmas at the same time as us, could you take them to Finland because she is there.


The reference to her age is because she knows Santa doesn't come to the adults in the home and she's not sure whether Santa will continue to visit her big sister now that she is officially old enough to be an adult!  There was nothing else written - no mention of herself or what she would like to receive.  That was done in an earlier letter.  What a lovely girl my Miss Eight is!

I hope everyone enjoyed their day as much as we did.  I look forward to seeing photos and hearing about the big day!


purplepear said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day, and the photos confirm it. We also had a great day quiet and simple.

Dani said...

Beautiful children - in all senses of the word :)

Merry, Merry Linda - to you and yours.

Linda said...

Thanks Kate. I saw your post of a lovely family day. Very nice!

Merry Christmas to you too Dani! I hope you had a lovely day!