Sunday, 1 January 2012


I love having time to drag a chair around the orchard while I hand water the trees!  My mind is totally clear and relaxed.  Sometimes I think there is something magical about my orchard.  I can be in  a rip-roaring rush to get somewhere, pop out to let the chooks out and........ forget I am in a hurry and start wandering around admiring the growth!

I probably shouldn't admit this but I judge when my trees have had enough water by counting.  Somewhere between fifty and one hundred depending on how dry the weather has been.  Not very scientific because I'm sure I count v-e-r-y slowly when I'm feeling mellow and faster when I'm upbeat.  I don't think I actually choose to count - I can't help it.  A compulsion.

Any one else out there with a magically calm place (or a silly compulsion)?


Evi said...

Yeah well, I won't start on the compulsions but I will wish you a very very fulfilling 2012. May your orchard thrive and provide you with loads of juicy fruit to count....and enjoy!!
Looking forward to keeping in touch in the coming year.

Stitchin' time said...

Lol., I go out to let the dogs off for a 30 minute run around the farm then wander back in and grab my camera because I've seen something that I 'need' to photograph. A couple of hours later I have 2 tired dogs at my feet, a few dozen photos that need to be loaded onto the computer, and the unclear ones deleted, and the dirty dishes/laundry etc still waiting to be attended to!

purplepear said...

I also lose track of time in the garden. I'll just pull out that one last weed.....
Happy New Year!

Linda said...

I love my orchard Evi and yes, I'm looking forward to the next year of blogging with new friends!

Robyn, is that why my work is never done?! I really can waste time without realising.

Hi Kate, I'm glad to hear you do it too. It's amazing how one job leads to another!