Friday, 23 December 2011

This Year

This year -

  • I became a grandmother (Mimma)

    • We met the Wiggles

    • My girl passed her VCE and got her license

    • My firstborn's partner officially became my Daughter-In-Law in my mind, when she became the 'Other Mother'

    •   I made my first sock (yes you heard/read right - just one!)

    • A lovely woman introduced me to sourdough bread

    • I bought a spinning wheel and began to learn

    • Master Six learnt to do dishes and fold clothes, and Miss Four started learning to rein in her emotions

    • Miss Eight learnt heaps about being assertive and resilient

    • I began blogging and met many lovely people from whom I received plenty of encouragement and learnt new skills!

    Thank you for sharing my blog (thanks especially to my commenters, because I do love a chat!)

    I hope your year was as wonderful as mine!



    Christine said...

    You did begin blogging and I'm so glad you did because if you hadn't, I would never have 'met' you!

    You've certainly had an action packed year, thanks for sharing glimpses of it here with us. Here's a toast for a wonderful 2012. xx

    Linn said...

    Hi Linda,
    Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family!

    Looking forward to reading about your 2012 adventures. (perhaps even another sock?)

    Busy mum of 3 said...

    Have a wonderful Christmas Day. May the new year be full of more wonderful blessings for you and your family.