Sunday, 1 January 2012

Plans for 2012

Off the top of my head I would like make my 2012 wishlist.   It will be incomplete but it is a start.

This year I would like to :-

  • Learn to crochet from a pattern
  • Make soap again
  • Sew again
  • Make raffia hats again
  • Complete our six rotational paddocks (or at least complete the last one we started!)
  • Prepare our property for keeping and milking goats
  • Make a rag rug in winter (I saw some beautiful homemade ones the other day)
  • Make something from my own yarn (still learning to spin though)
  • Teach the children to be more independent around the house (thus making every thing else possible!)
  • Have all my Christmas presents made by October so that we enjoy the lead up to Christmas
  • See my granddaughter more
  • Keep working on reducing our ecological footprint through the way we eat (local, fair trade, organic, homegrown etc.)
  • Record our electricity/solar usage so I can argue effectively with our provider who always get it wrong.
  • Keep a tidier house
  • Have people over more often (this is dependent on how I go with the above wish)
To read my own list, it looks like I have been suffering from creative withdrawal!  My son starts school this year so I will only have one child at home.  She will soon turn five and doesn't require as much time as my son.  I picture us gardening, cooking and creating together.  I am so excited about the year ahead! 

I hope all goes well for my son at school.  I anticipate that he will have a ball because he is sick of being treated like a little boy and is craving some responsibility!

I hope my list is not unrealistic but I don't think so.  I hope everyone else is feeling as optimistic about the coming year as I am!


dixiebelle said...

I love that list! Good luck...

Evi said...

Woooh, LInda, that is an impressive list. I think it's possible, I really do. In fact, I'm going to expand on my very paltry list of 'actions' for this year - thanks for the impetus, just what I needed!!