Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Loving My Electricity Bill!

Isn't it a wonderful feeling when you set out to do something and you finally get to see some results!  Last year we got serious about reducing our electricity usage after hearing of a family that we know who have a daily average of 7 kWh.  Another family at that time were using 2.9 kWh!  We thought these amounts were unacheivable for us, so set ourselves the goal of using under 10.

Yesterday we received a quarterly bill.  Not bad, hey?!

My main motivation was to reduce our usage of precious resources so what a bonus to receive money for achieving our objective!!!

I have heard many people saying that it is not worth installing solar since the government reduced the feed in-tarriff of 66 cents for every kilowatt produced, but I disagree.  Although  we were lucky enough to install under that program,  I believe with the rising cost of electricity, it would make perfect financial sense.  If you can get your usage down low, you only need a small system to produce more than you use.  We only have a 2kW system and look at the credit!


farmer_liz said...

Wow, good on you! What are your secrets to reducing your usage? We now have a digital power monitor, so that's helped us to find our power wasting activities (surprisingly the flouro lights in the shed are the main culprit!). I think I will revisit my solar panel calculations when I see how low we can go. When we build a new house we will definitely incorporate solar panels and solar hot water.

dixiebelle said...

Our last bill was $55, as we got over $200 credit. It would have only been $17, but we get Green Power. It's awesome that you made money! (Do you have to pay tax on that BTW?) If my husband didn't work from home, I am sure we could get our usage down lower, but one of the benefits of him not going out to work is that we don't use a second car, so I guess it all works out. What are you going to spend your money on??!!

Busy mum of 3 said...

Wow that is fantastic! Well done for reducing your average daily consumption. I'm ashamed to admit I have never looked at ours, and I just did, it's 16.52kWh!!! I think we might need to reign that in a bit, although I do puzzle as to why it seems high, I know we are a family of 5, but we don't leave lights blaring, hardly ever use the dryer, and havn't turned the air con on once this summer...any suggestions?

Dani said...

Brilliant, Linda - very well done!! Wish we had the pay back system here!

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

What a great reduction from last year. Even if you did not have solar you would still be saving a lot of money.

Linda said...

Farmer Liz, A power monitor must be useful in pointing out problem areas, but I just record our meter. One day in summer I turned on the cheap/nasty airconditioner and we used nearly 30kWh on that day!

Well done Dixiebelle! And yes it always seems to be swings and roundabouts, doesn't it?! I haven't worked out how to get the money yet (think I need to request it) but I might leave it with them until we decide to go on a camping holiday at Christmas! A secret savings account.

Busy Mum, Your consumption is not too bad! I remember how excited I was when we first got down to 15. Most of my friends use way over 20. Just keep working on it. That's what we did. It wasn't a sudden change.

Thanks Dani and Fiona. I like a pat on the back from someone other than myself. And you're right Fiona. There are obvious savings in electricity reduction for everybody.

We have solar hot water and the biggest reduction came from us turning off the electrity backup which used to heat at night. Occassionally we run out of hot water if we have a couple of cloudy days. Then we just use the boost if we need to. Everything else is just being careful. I am now in the habit of turning everything off when I'm not using it. We use the microwave, then turn it off at the wall, I don't use the sound on the computer unless I need it, I turn off the monitor when I shut the computer down, etc.

It takes a bit of effort at first but quickly becomes habit. I don't even think about it now. I just turn things off automatically!