Saturday, 3 March 2012

I travelled to Blogland!

Last Wednesday I discovered it is possible to visit Blogland from time to time.  I set off to Castlemaine with the three kids (Miss Eight was taken out of school to make the trip possible).

I am sick of referring to my children by their ages so I will be renaming them in this post.   (Not to mention, I can never remember their ages!!!)

We had a lovely drive and I was pleased to hear Buddy Boy (Master Six) using his IPad in the back to learn his letters!  Well, until he vomited!  Some got on his shirt.  We stopped to buy a clean top at the next town but the op shop was closed.  So.... I dried it out and put it back on him.  EEEEW YUK!  Nothing was going to stop me from saying hello to Rhonda from Down to Earth and getting my book!   Rhonda has just released a new book on Simple Living and it's fantastic!

We stopped in and visited with Lou Lou (eldest daughter) and my beautiful granddaughter.  They came with us to the bookstore. In hindsight I should have left my little ones with her at her house!

And there I met Rhonda and Hanno!  I really felt like a bit of a groupie!

It was so nice to say hello to her.  And I felt even more like a groupie when the lovely woman next to her said hello to me.  It was Christine from Slow Living Essentials!  I felt a little lurch of excitement to be meeting her as well!  We were all geared up for Hanno to take a photo of the three of us, when I noticed Buddy Boy was missing so I had to run off!  The shop had an open invitation to run outside open door so I was stressed and distracted!  I would have loved to have had time to chat to Christine.  I feel as though she is my local blogger (she lives just over an hour away from us - that's a hop, skip and a jump in the country) and she writes an amazing blog!

It's funny how exciting it was to meet my blog-heros but I suppose it's because there is so much connection in talking to people who live similar lifestyles.  There are so many of you that I think of often as I go about my daily life.  I feel like I know you all and it's a lovely feeling!

From there we stopped at the pet shop and admired a rat.  I told Belle (Miss Eight) not to put her finger in the cage.  But Lou Lou told her it would be fine so she put her finger in!  Guess what - she got bitten!!!  Oh the tears!

Then the trek home again (no IPad for Buddy Boy this time) with Pumpkin (Miss Five) and Belle.  I hope the harrassed mother with vomit scented children made a good impression on her fellow bloggers!  What can you do but laugh, when you have children life never quite goes according to plan.

I sat and relaxed for half an hour with a cup of chai tea and an excellent book before it was time to cook dinner.

What a lovely day!


dixiebelle said...

You look gorgeous! Of course meeting Rhonda & getting her book is fantastic, but TBH, how super lucky to meet Christine in person!

Linda said...

And Dixiebelle, more starry eyed groupie-ness but Christine is beautiful! What does TBH mean?!

Linn said...

I am soon envious! Would have loved to meet both those wonderful women and you of course, Linda!

dixiebelle said...

To Be Honest!

Kim said...

Lovely story, Linda.Wouldn't be nice if one day we could all sit around the table and have a cuppa!!Oh well, for now I will have to make do with my cup of tea next to the computer.

Evi said...

Sorry Linda, but I'm laughing out loud here!! That is so funny and of course, Murphy's Law that the little would spew on the way to meet 'superstars'!!!

Oh how I wish I could have been a groupie for an hour or two too - I would have loved to have rubbed shoulders with some famous bloggers but sadly Tassie is just a little out of the way. Perhaps I could write a book and travel to meet you all instead?!! How clever is Rhonda to have done so much inspiring and now written a book too! I am missing her daily posts and can't wait till she gets back!

Dani said...

Rhonda and Christine - that's brilliant! I follow both their blogs as well.

Oh, I remember the trips with my two when they were younger - not always easy, but you did well :)

Christine said...

Hey, hey, what a day you had! You are such a trooper. I'm so sorry I didn't say goodbye, I kind of rushed out the door after saying goodbye to Rhonda and Hanno and in my star struck state of nervousness was half way up the street before I thought we could maybe go for a coffee....?!! Next time, definitely!!
Good you got to make it there and it was really lovely to meet you!! :)

Linda said...

Hi Linn, yes I was lucky to be able to go. And wouldn't it be great to meet in person?!

Dixiebelle, thanks, TBH I'm still learning my way around all these codes. Btw, you'll see me using TBH from now on! LOL!

Oh yes Kim! We could all bring some sort of yummy homemade treat and chat all afternoon. It would be quite a gathering as there are so many ladies I would love to meet.

Evi in all honesty I'm a very experienced mother! Five children and I've been parenting for YEARS! Still, I can't manage to come across as calm and dignified when I go anywhere with my children! I would love you to come over one day, book or not! And yes, Rhonda is amazing. I love her book!

Yes I enjoyed myself Dani and if you enjoy Rhonda's blog I thoroughly recommend her book. I can think of five people I would love to buy it for off the top of my head! It's the perfect gift book because I can't imagine anyone not liking it.

Christine, It was lovely to meet you and sorry I was so distracted. I would love to have a coffee with you one day. Maybe one day when the older two are in school. That would be much easier!

rhonda jean said...

Hello again Linda! It was such a treat for us to meet you and your children. And I didn't smell any vomit. ; - ) Many people have said they felt overwhelmed meeting us, we felt the same - it was such a delight meeting people that we have so much in common with. Thank you for travelling over to say hello, it was a great day in Castlemaine. I wish I'd had more time to look around and maybe visit some local places. Maybe next time.

I'm pleased you're enejoying the book.

EMMA said...

How lucky to meet Rhonda and Hanno, I haven't ordered my copy of her book yet but I must get to it.
Off now to visit Slow Living Essentials, haven't been there before.

Linda said...

Hi Rhonda, yes I found it funny feeling meeting people I've never met but feel I know so well! I'm glad Hanno came as well. What a pleasure to meet you both! Your book is amazing and I feel it is a life guide written just for me. Congratulations on your skill as a writer!

Hi Emma. Lovely to hear from you. Have fun at Slow Living Essentials. It's such a great blog!