Friday, 30 March 2012

Wow, where did the last two weeks go?!!

So much has been happening around here!  This month has seen two separate birthday celebrations, something social every weekend, and there is another family gathering due this weekend because..... guess who came home?

 My eighteen year old (Rosie) came home to me after four months in Finland!  I cried when the board at the airport clicked over to tell me her plane had landed.  She was safely home!
 We have had lots of nice moments together, sitting in the sunshine, in between lots of sleeping for poor jet lagged Rosie.
 Rosie spent time getting to know Belle's new puppy, Spot.
 We've enjoyed pumpkin soup with our own pumpkin and my homemade stock........
We saved the seeds and roasted them.  Fittingly it was Pumpkin's job to pick out all the seeds.  Didn't she do a great job? Hubby has loved them and takes them to work every day.  A few seeds were held back from the oven.  We will plant them in summer.
We attended a working bee at the school.....
 Winter vegies are going into the beds that the chooks have picked over.........
 We had a visit to Nana and Poppa's farm.  The kids ran all day!
 And found DINOSAUR BONES!!!
And we have enjoyed lots of lovely family meals.  We are now picking the last of the zucchini, have nearly finished all our potatoes and are moving on to all meals pumpkin!


Busy mum of 3 said...

Sounds lovely, it must be a last minute warm weather rush,(before the cold slow days of winter set in), because things have been flat out here too! Glad your daughter is home safe, wow that time went quick.

purplepear said...

I can remember the day my then 18 year old came home from an exchange to Slovakia. What a day. Happiness, relief, crying etc etc. So I know how you must feel to have Rosie home. Gee life is so busy!

Dani said...

I felt the same when my son came home after two years in the UK - so glad she's home safe :)

Btw, pumpkin seeds are very good for men - helps prevent prostate problems

Evi said...

Oh so great to 'see' you back! It's great though when life is busy with only good things, isn't it?
I love your pic of the kids running across the wide open paddock - so much freedom and joy!

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

What a busy 2 weeks you have had. Glad you have had all those lovely family moments to share.

Linda said...

Hi Busy Mum, LOL! It seemed like forever to me!

Hi Kate, Yes it's an emotional time having children so far away when they still young.

Thanks Dani and do you know, I had heard that about pumpkin seeds but had forgotten. I'll keep feeding them to him!

The kids love going to the farm Evi and they always sleep like logs after a day of running around.

Hi Fiona, Yes I am lucky! Life has been lovely lately and I appreciate every minute!