Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Apparently it's Not Winter Yet!

I know it's not winter yet but I began to doubt my own knowledge.  In our house it certainly feels like it!  The fire is constantly going.  We are spending more time indoors doing knitting and other crafty activities.  Pumpkin has gone mad on drawing - puts out several every day - and I love them all!  I'm trying to declutter but I have so much trouble parting with the kids artwork!

Lately the kids have been taking warm meals to school in their Thermos's.  Yesterday was pumpkin soup, today it's homemade baked beans.  I own and love The Cooks Companion  by Stephanie Alexander and use her recipe.  It's online for any of you that don't own her book.

I'm donning jackets and scarves every day before I leave the house but the kid's thermostat must be better than mine.  They are happy just wearing jumpers and only grab their jackets if it's raining.

This is how I found Belle and her dad after they took the washing off the line.  Hubby wouldn't let me take HIS photo!
The brassicas are happy, if somewhat holey and last week we had our first minus temperature.

Anyway back to the wintry weather.  I found this calender on the Bureau of Meteorology Site.  It covers the seasons, taking into account the solstices etc.  The also have a calender that covers indigenous weather knowledge but it doesn't cover all of Australia and sadly doesn't have one for my area of the state.

And I can't.. stop.. eating.. fresh bread with spicy plum sauce (bought at the farmer's market) and local (expensive) goats cheese!  Yuumm!  I get hungrier in the cooler weather.

I hope you are keeping warm and cosy!


Evi said...

Aaah Linda, just had to stop by and say hi! I'm loving hearing about your winter time cosying down and I'm hearing you on the blogging woes! I don't know how some mama's have time to post every day - hat's off to them!!
All is well here and I am s l o w l y getting into the winter groove - with a bit of help from you and others ;o)

Margaret said...

Yaaay..... looks like the disability insurance scheme is now a done deal, hope it kicks in soon, that will take a load off your mind.
I hope you enjoy some more knitting, as the cold weather takes hold people who grow will need more warm woolies.

Anonymous said...

I think I need to get some good thermoses so my kids can take hot food to school. My ten year old went on his first school camp this week (in tents - it was cooold), and still looked tired this morning, so I cooked eggs for breakfast before sending them out into the cold! (usually they just get cereal or porridge.)

Am I right in thinking your haven't managed to get your blog onto the sustainable living linky lists yet Linda (even though you have the button showing, which is great :) - I couldn't see you in there. Are you still having trouble - would you like me to add it? Or just need to find the time perhaps!

Linda said...

Hi Evi, It's nice to hear from you. I've missed you! I hope you do end up enjoying winter. Maybe knit some warm scarves and go for lots of loooong, solitary walks?!

Margaret, Hello! Thank you for giving me a practical excuse to knit. I love making the time but I don't do it often. I had a peek at your blog and it looks like you are in France!! Are you an Aussie living there? And yes, the NDIS sounds positive. I hope it all pans out well. Very exciting!

Hi Kirsten, Your poor boy! Couldn't they have the camp in spring?! I hope he had fun anyway.

No, I haven't got back to put myself on the list but I must say, I was very proud of myself for that button! I have tried several times to use buttons but I couldn't figure it out.

I have struggled to find time to even post lately but I will get around to putting my blog on the Sustainable Living list soon because I think it is a great idea! Thanks for getting back to me.

Darren (Green Change) said...

I'm a bit late on the scene here, but hopefully you're now enjoying the warming weather and lengthening days!

Thanks for the link to the IWT - the D'harawal Calendar covers my area, so I'm going to have to research it more.

Linda said...

Hi Darren, Actually it feels like it's going to snow here today but spring is definitely well on its way! I'm glad you found the calendar useful. I would love to see one published for my area.