Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A Special Spinning Day

I'm a bit excited this morning and I had better throw this post out very quickly because I'm going out.  Our spinning group is hosting a day for a few spinning groups to get together.  I'll let you know more about how it works later.  This is my first one so I'm not sure how it all happens yet.

The photos below are taken in the room where we meet each week.  I love my spinning days!

 The photos so far look as though there is nothing but total concentration, but a lot of chit chat happens too!

 The man in this photo is John Curran.  He is a member of the Spinners and Weaver's who weaves, knits and also enjoys photography.  We recently had a dyeing day at a member's place and John kindly sent me some photos he had taken.  Three of his lovely photos are below!

I love spinning because I want to know how to make my own yarn and knit from it.  But I enjoy the spinning mornings and outings because I love getting to know these wonderful women (and man).  The feeling of community and friendship is strong and warming.


Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

I think women were meant to gather together in groups to create, what a wonderful day.

Busy mum of 3 said...

That looks like fun. I'm more inclined to sewing than knitting or spinning, and one day *sigh* I hope to join a quilting club and make big beautiful bed linens, ooh I can't wait.

Calidore said...

It looks like you all have heaps of fun and reminds me of the spinners and weavers group I am a member of. Our get together days are heaps of fun too and there's lots of chatting and cuppas.

Linda said...

Kirsty, I think you are so right! I will be taking advantage of creative gathering from now on!!!

Busy Mum, I love sewing too! Can't you just throw yourself in and start patchwork now? You could justify it to yourself easily because we always work better when we are happy.

Calidore, That's nice that you have found a similar group. I take it you must be a spinner! You could certainly teach me a thing or two. I'm just starting out and have heaps to learn!

Christine said...

ooh, fantastic, Linda! I hope you had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing pics of your spinning group, it's great to see them (and you!) in action. I find spinning such an enjoyable pastime. :)