Thursday, 7 June 2012


Red!  I'm joining in with Evi at Sister Sun for her weekly thoughts on a different colour.  This week, beyond reading Evi's, I've held off on reading the other posts until I have done mine.  I'll pop around to see you soon.

Red!  Not my favourite colour.  I see red as brash and hard.  Perhaps a little intimidating.  It's a very strong colour and can't really be ignored.  It's demanding and sometimes angry.  But maybe these are my thoughts on man-made red because I love the colour of a strawberry, apple, raspberry etc.

Mind you, even in my flower garden I steer away from red.  I have mainly pinks, purples and whites.

All this being said, on a grey, bleak winter's day or just a day that I'm in a particular mood, I love to wear red!  It gives me energy and makes me feel alive!

Oh I don't know!!!  Do I like red or not??!!!

Red is for tomatoes

and for rosellas

and for strawberries


Evi said...

Hmm, you are right Linda, red is a bit like that.... it's not a ho hum colour is it? More like a hit you in the face type colour. I like it but not in big doses either. And yes, it's a nice warming colour on a winters day- kind of bright but not too bright in the cold like a light blue or yellow, both of which seem to belong to summer!
I'm gaining a few very interesting insights into the language of colour from all this.... I love it! Thanks for joining in!

Evi said...

Ooops, you left a lovely link on the linky thing but you linked my red post instead of yours!! Never mind.... I've found you!!

Linda said...

Oh dear! I'm not good at this technology stuff! How do I change it?

Christine said...

ooh, I'm liking that bowl of strawberries down the bottom, yum! Pretty birds too!

purplepear said...

I've never though of red being a favourite of mine but when I take a good look around I see that there is a lot of red in my life.

Nichole said...

i love red! especially bright firetruck red. it inspires passion and dynamism in me, and as of late i've surrounded my home with red (bed sheets, poppies, towels, etc.). so it's been on my mind a lot. yes, it has some negative attributes, but in the cloudy Pacific Northwest, where I am, it is a mood brightener!