Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A Friend and a Helping Hand

I have an amazing friend.  Actually I have several amazing friends, but I want to tell you about one in particular.  For a start, she is raising four teenagers!  We all know what a feat that is!  She somehow does it with a fantastic sense of humour and her children are all lovely young people.

So what else makes her amazing?  There are many things but I am in awe of her generosity and her social conscience.  Whenever one of my babies was born (which seemed to be happening very often at one point there) she would give the baby a gift.  Invariably it would be a gift from a hospital auxiliary or similar.  I loved receiving a gift that was helping the Children's Hospital or a local nursing home, etc.  I loved how my friend made her money work twice.  Once for my babies and once for the charity.

And then there was the time she gave me this gift for absolutely no reason...............   or maybe it was because she cares about me.... *blush*

What a wonderful, practical gift!  I have had so much use from this book, as you can probably tell from the dog-eared cover.  I love the easy recipes and especially love the section that tells you how to substitute ingredients.  It has saved me many a trip to town because it helped me learn how to improvise.  It was a great tool in my quest to use less food miles.

Now, there is a reason I am telling you about my friend.  She put me onto an amazing organisation called Kiva.  As a family we support various charities at different times, but this organisation aren't handing out charity.  They are empowering people.  If you give Kiva $25 (or more) they lend it to a person in need of a hand.  They aim to alleviate poverty by helping people to help themselves.  For example, someone with a business making clothes who needs money for a new sewing machine could support themselves with a small loan.  One hundred percent of your money goes into the loan.

The person repays their loan and then you can re-lend your original money to assist someone else.  Isn't it great!  Obviously there is a chance that the loan will not get repaid, but in general people don't default.  Please consider becoming involved.  It's a great way of helping people while allowing them to retain their dignity.

I am blessed to have a friend whom I respect so much.  She inspires me to think more about where I spend my money.

And on a different note, remember I was telling you about my difficulties in taking Pumpkin's photo?  She just wasn't in the mood.  I've decided to show you the evidence. Hopefully she will forgive me.....
How dare you make me stand here!  Well you can't make me smile!!!


Kim said...

Photos like that last one are the ones that come out at 21st birthdays all blown up so you can tease them!!I think it is kind of adorable.
I love the sound of that organisation. What a wonderful idea.

Anonymous said...

She definitely didn't want her photo taken. You are blessed to have a friend like that, her gifts are so thoughtful. I will have to check into Kiva.

purplepear said...

I have heard of that money lending organisation. I too think it a great idea, but haven't got around to doing something about it. But it's certainly on the to do list. Maybe good gifts for Christmas. You know like the money I would have spent on you, who don't really need anything has now gone to some one who does. And it's my understanding that you don't have to reinvest but after it;s paid off you can have your money back, Not that I would but as a gift to someone else they have the opportunity to get the money back.And Pumpkin certainly doesn't look happy, but the look on your little boys face is priceless.

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Buddy Boy does not look too happy either but maybe that is because his sister won't smile.

Linda said...

Hi Kim,At the time I was frustrated that she wouldn't let me take a good photo. It wasn't until I looked later that I realised it was kinda cute!

Hi Lois, Kiva are a fantastic organisation and it's nice to be involved.

Hi Kate, You're right. Yes you can get your money back at the end of the loan. And you're right - what a great gift! I never thought of that. It's another perfect example of making money work twice. I'll tuck that idea away for Christmas!

Hi Fiona, I thought Buddy Boy's expression was priceless. He wonders what she's carrying on about. After all, he loves to have his photo taken!