Monday, 24 September 2012

At Our Place

Life has been busy around here.  But today is the start of two weeks of school holidays so things feel relaxed at our house.

Belle recently went on a literary camp.  I was very proud of her for managing so well!  She really enjoyed the challenge even though the camp had teachers she didn't know and children from many different schools.  Well done Belle!  You are amazing!

On the way home, I couldn't resist taking a photo of this old shed.

Don't you love the patchwork tin?!
The dog caught a rabbit the other day.  I ran out to fight with him over who would get to eat it.  I thought it would make a good stew.  But no..... it's eyes were mucky.   I think it probably had mixamatosis.  We still decided the skin would be good, so hubby skinned (skun?) it.  He encouraged me to put my hand up inside the skin after he turned it inside out and stretched it over a wire.  The idea was horrible but I did it anyway.  My Goodness!  It was one of the nicest sensory experiences I've had in ages.  It was sooooo soft and fluffy!!!  I chose to spare you the photo of the headless rabbit.

I've been enjoying some avocado my mother gave me.  It was grown by a friend of hers and I've been eating it on my sourdough toast with cream cheese for brekky.  Yummm!
And while I'm on the subject of food.........
 I've been playing with bread.  I added olives to one of my loaves and topped it with oregano and salt.
 I made pizza but sadly didn't cook it hot enough.  The dough was a bit gluggy.  They were still tasty though.

I put in some hard work on the strawberry patch.  I turned it from this....
 to this.............
The garden is looking good!
Quince flowers (one of my favourite trees)
I hope lots of flowers will translate to lots of pears!
Baby almonds all over the tree!
And finally, we have had some eggs in the incubator for a week.  For some reason it's running too hot so I took them out and put them under the bantam.  They may not work after overheating but I could see some embryos when I candled them, so it's worth a shot.

I hope things are good at your place too.


Dani said...

Need to tidy up my strawberries too, but I have to wait on the departure of the builders... Grrrrrrrrr!

Well done :)

purplepear said...

Um yes the strawberry patch and the raspberries, both need a clean up here. Yours puts ours to shame.And yes I do love the patchwork tin.Good luck with the eggs. Every time I turn around there's a bantam sitting on thousands of eggs. They are so prolific but I just don't want more bantams.

Linn said...

It's amazing how quickly gardens become 'wild' and then after some TLC they look great again! Hope you enjoy the school holidays and good luck with the eggs.

Linda said...

Hi Dani, I wouldn't much like to share my garden with builders. It will be worth it in the end though!

Hi Kate, Don't they get out of control quickly? I didn't explain myself properly with the eggs. They are Dorking eggs - good meat and egg birds. We just popped them under the bantam coz she's so good at sitting. This will be my first time with Dorkings. I usually have sussex or Australorps.

Hi Linn, Yep! I reckon there's even more satisfaction if you let the garden get out of control first! Such a contrast btwn the before and after gardens.

Anonymous said...

My strawberry plot needs cleaned up and prepared for winter, I haven't gotten any hay yet, maybe I'll cover mine with leaves like I used to do years ago.

Your pizzas looked delicious, was that pineapple I see on the one in the back? Pineapple is my favorite pizza topping.

Linda said...

Hi Lois, I had been intending to collect pine needles to mulch the strawberries. I have read that, being woodland plants, they love pine needles. I ended up not getting around to it, so just threw some hay on them.

My kids love pineapple on pizza. Hubby and I just throw on anything we can find in the fridge or garden. Pizza's good no matter what it's topped with.

farmer_liz said...

bread and garden looking good! any more knitting? I've been very slack, need to get keen again... too much blog time!

Linda said...

Hi Liz, ummm knitting.......? Yes, yes. I'm going to finish Belle's dress today! No really... I will!