Sunday, 2 December 2012

Family, Food and Chickens

Well, isn't it a relief to have a cool day!  It's been a fantastic weekend around here despite yesterday being the last of a run of warm days.

It's been a weekend filled with family......
complete with my granddaughter.......
 and niece...........
 to celebrate my Dad's birthday!
My first attempt at making my own gift bag.  What d'ya reckon?

We ate plenty of good food cooked from scratch by Mum or me....
My quiche with our own eggs
Mum's strawberry torte - Yummm!
We've been busy with chickens too.  We've moved the 3 week old Australorps in with the Dorkings now that the nights are warming up.  They have much more space in there.  Hubby made up a temporary divider while the two lots of chooks get used to each other.
They are very happy in their new home.  Two of the chickens have no fluff on their backs.  I don't know why they are bald but they seem happy enough.  I had a giggle thinking it could be handy.  Less plucking!
The plan for these chickens is that they will go down in one of our paddocks.  They will be let out daily to roam, and be locked up at night. The chooks will have heaps of space and hopefully the paddock will improve as they fertilise it. The girls will provide us with eggs and the roosters will be meat.  This will be our second attempt at eating our own chooks.  The last time we managed about four meals through sheer determination but I really struggled with it.  Now it's time to try again and see if I can get past my squeamishness.  If we are going to eat meat then this is the way to go.  I will know my chooks have lived happily and there will be no food miles involved.
"Girls!  How many times do I have to tell you not to play with your food!"  Ha ha! 

I will keep you up to date with how successful we are with the plan.  At this point we're pretty sure we have seven hens and three roosters.   Have you ever killed and dressed your own chook?

I'm well supplied with eggs and lemons at the moment so I plan to cook yet another lemon meringue pie for dessert tonight.  I've already made the pastry and blind baked the case.  Though if I keep mucking around here on the computer we may end up eating the dessert instead of dinner because I haven't even started on that yet! 

Hope you had a great weekend!


Becca said...

Yes I have. The actual killing part made me quite wobbly in the stomach, but I choose a very calm and quick method and that helped calm my nerves. As soon as the head was off and out of sight, it got better. And when plucking, I stopped seeing my own chook, and just saw eat. It was a mental shift, I guess. She stopped being chookie, and turned into food. Delicious. :-)

Linda said...

Isn't that strange Becca because I was okay with the plucking and dressing, but I just couldn't enjoy the meal. I wish I could just see it as food like you. Hopefully this time around I'll deal with it better.

Crunchie's Mum said...

I can make the decision the rooster has to go but can't do the deed myself. Once he is dead I can pluck and dress the chook. I'm afraid the eating part was a bit tricky. I'm not sure why. The meat was yellower than store bought meat and I knew that was how it was meant to be but still it didn't seem right. I know we should be breeding and eating our own chooks as it is far more ethical. They will have a good life and be killed quickly and cleanly. At the moment life is a bit busy. Maybe when things have settled down a bit we can look at breeding chooks again.


Busy mum of 3 said...

I'm a chicken when it comes to eating my own chickens, that's why I haven't got any!

Good luck!

Ailsa said...

Glad your weather has cooled down! I will never eat our chickens. We gave our rooster to a farm as we aren't allowed roosters in town. Is it possible to make your font larger? Even with glasses it is very hard to read!

Linda said...

Yes Crunchie's Mum, I feel exactly how you do. I need to get past it though if we are to move forward in living by our principles. Let's see how well I go!

Busy Mum, Hubby tells me that because I do so many other things, it would be okay to let this one go and just buy free range. I went with that for a while but it makes sense to eat from our place so I'll try again.

I can understand that Ailsa. It's easy to become attached to chooks. Hey thanks for letting me know about my font. I had no idea! I hope I can work out how to change it.

Kathryn Ray said...

I like the idea of having our own chickens. But we have not made the commitment yet.

I'm interested to hear how your next processing goes.

Linda said...

Hi Kathryn, We love having chooks! Beyond the practical reason, they are a calming, peaceful addition to the place. They are so soothing to listen to and to watch. I'll definitely be posting about them when we get to the pointy end.