Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Best Laid Plans

I often wonder why I can never find time in our garden.  After all, it's high on the list of our priorities.  Somehow I never seem to be home and lately I've been wondering what I've been doing wrong.  I think the last few days have proved to me that life is not necessarily in my control.  Life 'happens' and I just have to go with that for now.  It's how it is when you have connections with family and community.

I knew I had a busy Saturday.  We had our swap market followed by a Christmas get together for which I needed to make a dessert.   I had something on in the evening as well.  Never mind!   It was all fun and I had Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to get into the garden and to continue organising Christmas.
My Rosie (19) was holidaying in NSW with a friend from Finland.  I received a phone call on Sunday to let me know she had cut her foot the previous night.  She was at a hospital waiting for surgery!  I was straight on the phone trying to release myself from my daily life so I could be with her. 
It was surreal!  I was on a train to Taree without even having time to research where it really was!  At least I took the time to pack my own food.  Yummy soup with carrots and our potatoes.  A dessert of boysenberries (or are they loganberries?) yummm!  Thanks Richard!  A stop in Sydney for three hours before my connecting train.  My goodness!  Looking at the opera house and harbour bridge (I haven't been for twelve years) and sight seeing in the gentle rain. 
By the time I got to Taree on Monday, it was the day after surgery.  Rosie severed a tendon on her big toe.  They have tried to repair it and now time will tell.  Tuesday morning she was able to go home.  So in Rosie's little car I drove one thousand one hundred and fifty kilometres!
No gardening........  Today was spent washing, making pasta and doing a bit of Christmas sewing for the little ones (which may not be ready by Christmas).  My totally unexpected adventure has made me very glad to be home.  I really enjoyed picking flowers for the table tonight.  I'm so glad to be home with my husband and little ones.
Thank goodness for Lou Lou (my eldest) who dropped everything and came running to make my trip possible.  She kept my house running so smoothly!  My kids loved having her here.  I was impressed with how well she followed our daily routine for getting the kids to and from school smoothly.  She even did some Christmas craft with the children.  Thank you Lou Lou!

So my garden is doing terribly.  I'm hardly producing anything but my kids are okay and I'm hoping that next year will be different.

I'd love to hear about you.   Do you have trouble fitting your chosen life around the one that really happens?


Dani said...

Linda - Wow! What a start to a week.

With the microsurgery they are able to perform now, we can only hope and pray that your daughters foot is OK. That was quite a drive you undertook - 12 - 14 hours, right? Glad you all made it safely to your destination.

Gardening is the least of your worries at the moment, but I'm so glad that you were able to take a walk in it, and pick those beautiful flowers for your table.

Life happens, as you said. And you are counting your blessings - between Lou Lou doing such a sterling job, and the health of your kids to celebrate, you're on the right track. Take care of yourself too :)

Racheal - Maven in training said...

Always! but i like to think that not getting things done is more about managing expectations. I think we expect too much of ourselves some days and it sounds like you have had a rough week! Take care

Linda said...

Dani, thank you for your kind words. Yes it took me around twelve hours of pretty serious driving. I can't begin to express how glad I am to have everything I have in life! I am one lucky lady!

Racheal I love that switch! Yes I need to learn to manage my expectations and maybe I will discover I achieve heaps! Thank you!

Kathryn Ray said...

It's so true that life happens and not everything gets finished.

It's so great that your daughter was able to help out while you went to be with your other daughter. I'm glad to hear that she will be ok.

Busy mum of 3 said...

Oh what a week! I hope she is okay. Gardens have an amazing ability to bounce back, give it a bit of TLC and it will be fine. Family comes first.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to your daughter, I think it's great that you have your life set so well that you were able to drop everything and be there for her.

Linda said...

Thanks Kathryn, Busy Mum and Lois, It was a huge week but the holidays are nearly here. Soon I can relax and rejuvenate!