Thursday, 6 December 2012

Excite Me

You know that kick that people get when they buy something new?  The one that lifts the mood and lasts a short while before they crave the kick again.  It might be something small like new towels to match the bathroom, a new pair of shoes (to make them beautiful) or something big like a new car. 

Well I don't get that same feeling of excitement.  In fact the emotional response is pretty much the opposite.  I feel quite depressed if I need to buy something new.  I often feel guilt that I wasn't organised enough to think ahead and buy secondhand or from a sustainable source or to have made it myself.

I am well aware of the 'true' cost of buying new goods.  The wasted resources, the pressure placed on our fragile climate, the people not fairly remunerated for the goods we buy on a whim to make ourselves happy.  It is not true happiness because it wears off quickly and leaves people wanting  to purchase something else to maintain the false high.  And just think of the rubbish created!

So do I never feel the joy of acquisition??!

I sure do................

I'm excited by the eggs we hatch
 the resources we find (look at the pallets hubby found me) and the manure we bought.
 I never fail to get a kick from food we grow
the projects that I actually complete
or the things we re-purpose
pallets into compost bins

climbing frame into chook dome
and oh the excitement of finding eight matching ramekins at the op shop!!!
If you are a consumer addicted to the thrill of the buy, you lose nothing by changing your priorities!  There are still kicks to be enjoyed in life but they are REAL and they don't put you in debt!  And to add to benefits - there is no guilt involved and you feel at peace because you are not adding to the escalating effects of consumerism on our society or our planet!!!

Please tell me, what gives you a buzz?

 *On a separate note, Ailsa was kind enough to let me know that my font was hard to read.  I immediately changed it but I think I went overkill, so I am playing around with it.  Can you let me know what you think?  Is the size easy to read now?*


Anonymous said...

The font is much easier to read, thanks. What you get your kicks from are wonderful. It's the little things, and things that cost nothing that I enjoy, boy how I miss my garden right now.

Busy mum of 3 said...

I get a buzz from learning some new titbit of information about simple living, gardening, frugalism, the environment, you name it!

I agree with Alisa, your font was a little hard to read, but I thought it was just my eyes! But then I struggle to read those letters and numbers they make you type in to comment on a blog! It's a lot easier to read now, I don't think it's too big at all.

Anonymous said...

Much better, thank you

Linda said...

Hi Lois, Winter must feel so long for you. If it's any consolation my garden doesn't seem to want to grow properly this year. Don't know why!

Busy Mum, Yep. There are so many exciting things to learn in life!

Anon, I'm glad it's better. I hadn't realised it was hard to read. Thank you to all of you for your feedback. I really enjoy running a blog and want it to be user friendly!

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

I feel a bit like you Linda. Since we are about 45 min - hour from any major shopping we just do not spend time at the shops. And when we have to we are there at opening with our list and out within the hour just as everyone else is arriving. I try to op shop where I can but mostly I just try not to buy.

Anonymous said...

I don't recall tha tyou older font was hard to read, but if it was, I had continued to read ecause of the content anyway :-)) Now I have noticed the font - this one is good. keep up the good work


Lynn said...

I love all those things you wrote about plus other things like after a spring clean of the house and opening cupboards that areneatly organised (doesn't happen often enough) oh and giving away our surplus veg that we have grown.

Darren (Green Change) said...

I didn't like the old font, but not enough to unsubscribe :-). The new one is much easier on the eyes.

I get my kicks much the same as you - new animals born, fruit and vegetables we've grown, roadside or op-shop finds, meeting new and interesting people, etc.

Linda said...

Yes Fiona,In and out as quickly as possible. That's. the way to go!

Fran, Thank you! Nice to hear from you.

Hi Lynn, I don't think I remember the feeling I get after spring cleaning! Ha ha!

Darren thank you! Yes people are invigorating sometimes, aren't they.