Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Expectation - Last child goes to school.  I achieve lots and life is easier.

Reality - Today is the first whole day I have had at home.  Life has been hectic.

Do you ever have stages like that?  Times in your life where you rush from one activity to the next with barely enough time to breathe?  My activities have been wonderful.  Birthdays, weddings, helping at school, caring for my kids, getting involved in community activities that I feel passionate about etc. but they wore me out.  I was soooo glad to get up this morning and have a day at home.  I washed dishes, folded clothes, cooked dinner, baked and tidied.  I did it all without feeling frantic and I loved it!

But in this post I want to tell you about yesterday.  A lovely lady near here organised a day for us to share her wonderful space to teach skills.
One woman showed us how she makes ricotta.........
and it actually seemed easy.  Who knew?!  I thought it would be terribly complicated.
I can't wait to give it a try.
I showed them how I make my sour dough bread.  A couple of people in the group already make bread but it's interesting how we each have different methods.
By far the best aspect of the day for me was being amongst other women and enjoying chatting about skills.  How one woman dries her tomatoes, how another makes her  sourdough completely differently and another knows a lot about different grains......  Fantastic!!!
Of course there was also lunch!
The bread rose well.........
but we had issues around uneven cooking with so many loaves in the oven.
We plan to do another day next month.  Preserving.  Yay!  I've been too scared to attempt preserving without some tuition.
It was a great day!  Women working and sharing together.  The way life should be!

Do you have opportunities to 'do' with other women?


Margaret said...

looks like you had heaps of fun, what a great idea.

veggiegobbler said...

What a fantastic idea... But how on earth did you fit all that in one day?!

Tracey said...

Brilliant! I'm starting up something like this with another lady - a monthly get together to share skills, learn from each other and enjoy the wonderful company. Thank you for sharing!
Hopefully you'll get a bit more time to breathe - amazing how our time is snatched away and even a relatively simple life becomes frantic...

farmer_liz said...

that looks like a lot of fun! we have a permaculture group that shares similar skills.

Lynda D said...

Must be the time for learniing - im booked into a course on Saturday - FREE - harvesting and preserving run by Shoestring and the Wyndham Council. Its lots of fun doing these courses and the regulars have all become friends. There is so many skills involved in homemaking that can be passed on.

Caro said...

I'm jealous! Wish I'd been there

Dani said...

Oh, wish I could've been there too. :) glad you enjoyed the day and look forward to the monthly "report backs".

livingsimplyfree said...

What a fun day, more people should do this on a regular basis, think of how much we could learn in several afternoons a year.

Busy mum of 3 said...

Apparently, I'm living in a parallel world!

I too thought I would have all this time to "do stuff" when the kids all went to school, but it was only this week (5 weeks in) that I've had time to scratch myself!!

I haven't even had time to blog :(

Your group sounds amazing, I wonder if I could rustle up some friends with skills for a similar for thought.

Kim said...

Love it Linda! We do the same in my local area. The thing I like about it is that I am not 'the weird one' anymore..... there are so many women who take such joy in skills like this now and being with them is so much fun!

Margaret said...

I hear it has reached you down there, we had 150mls in 3 days and it is still raining on and off for most of the day but not heavy now.

Linda said...

Hi Margaret, Yes I loved it! And we have got the rain. It rained at the end of last week and, do you know, the grass has started to grow already!!

Aha Vegiegobbler! It's a secret method! I cheat with my sour dough. I only give it one rise and it tastes beautiful. The ricotta was amazingly easy and quick.

Tracey, I'm glad you're doing similar. I bet your group will grow when you tell others what you're up to.

Farmer Liz, I know you do stuff with your permaculture group and I used to be sooo jealous. Now I don't need to be a green-eyed-monster. I'm more a pig-in-mud these days! :-)

Wow Lynda! That's great that your council are doing that! Who are Shoestring? AND getting to know like-minded people! It's so important to get a network of people who can support each other's efforts.

Caro I think it's all pretty flexible. Next one's on a Wednesday. I don't know what days you work but talk to Cynthia. She's looking into a mushrooming day too if that's up your alley. (I hate mushrooms)

Dani it's a shame you can't pop over for one of our days! And yes, I'm sure there'll be more reports. I'm so excited about it.

Yes Lois, I reckon we've ALL got skills we could share!

Hi Cheryl, It would be GREAT if you could organise something similar! I bet some of the people you know would enjoy a day learning together.

Kim, yes I know you get together with other women. You're another one I have envied!

Christine said...

I LOVE this idea, Linda. Strengthening bonds and sharing knowledge, teaching skills and learning from others, eek, I'm getting all mushy. It's true though, a very inspiring post.

Our veggie group meets once a week for gardening at each others houses but I would love an 'off-shoot' group, one that got together say, once a month, to learn/share a skill. Did I mention, a very inspiring post? ;)