Saturday, 2 March 2013

Greenhaven Slow Living Diary for February

I'm joining in with Christine at Slow Living Essentials for her monthly slow living posts.  I took part in them last year.  They were a great way to look back on the month that had just passed.  This year I had decided to give these posts a miss due to limited time.  It didn't work!  They are great fun  and I couldn't resist so here I am joining in again!  However my slow living posts may be a bit sporadic this year.

Nourish - Somehow I managed to keep my family alive throughout February!  Despite feeling that I was never home, we created no rubbish with our school lunches and I managed to cook our meals from scratch.  On a couple of nights that I couldn't manage it, we had takeaway and there were even a couple of nights that we resorted to brekky cereal for dinner.
Homemade tomato soup
Prepare - I built up my sour dough starter during the month.  I needed it to be large enough to share between seven women.  I built it up in a couple of large plastic storage containers that I borrowed for the purpose.

I also did a lot of preparation in the garden.  It desperately needed some soil improvement!

We hatched some chickens for future eggs and meat.  They are so cute!
 Reduce - Twas Hubby not me, but some pallets that we collected have turned into a potting table.
 Green - Another month of homemade soap, citrus cleaner and no shampoo!  Yay!  Think of all the packaging we didn't use.

Grow - Hmmm!  Not much.  In fact hardly anything came from our garden.  Thank goodness for generous family and friends.  We were given tomatoes, silverbeet, beans, lettuce, zucchini....

Create - I've been working on a sock for Hubby.  I've used the only plyed (plied?) wool I've ever spun.  There isn't going to be enough for two socks so I will need to spin some more.  I hope I can make it a similar thickness.  It's been ages since I did any spinning so I'm not confident!  I have informed Hubby that he will be wearing these socks anyway, regardless of matching thicknesses, scratchiness, errors in the knitting etc.  Hours of labour have gone into them already and I'm not even halfway there!
 Discover - As always, I'm loving my Organic Gardener magazine.  It is so inspiring!  I've also been interested in an ongoing hearing at VCAT (Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal).  They are deciding on an application for a windfarm that was knocked back by a local council.  I've learnt more than I ever expected to know about the benefits of windfarms, issues from residents arguing against them and the processes of a tribunal.  It has been fascinating!  My fingers are crossed that the farm will be approved.
 Enhance - I have begun my mentoring with a young mum.  At the moment we catch up around once a week and I'm loving it!  She's lovely and I hope it is the beginning of a connection that will last for many years.  I'm sure we're going to be great friends!

I also had a wonderful experience this month.  A lady nearby organised a group of women to get together and learn skills.  She has a wonderful space for cooking, chatting and eating.  We had our first get together and it was fantastic!  We hope to be sharing skills on a monthly basis.  You can read about our day here.
 Enjoy - I enjoyed each and every cool breeze that we had in February!  It was a terribly hot month and I loved the relief. I LOVED the rain that we had last week!!!  It was the first real rain in six months! 

I enjoyed watching my last child start school.  She has settled in beautifully!


narf7 said...

What a lovely post and can't we all say "AMEN" to it now being autumn and hopefully the harbinger of some rain. Even here in Northern Tasmania we haven't had any rain that has done much more than wet the garden's whistle. I love the mentoring and the get together of like minded ladies. Wish we had something like that here where I am. I am really enjoying reading your posts :)

Anonymous said...

I took a look at your post about the women's group - what a great idea. It's like 4-H for adults. :) I used to love the 4-H classes I took as a teen. I wish we had something like this in my area.

Amber said...

I love the idea of getting together with other women to share skills! I was just talking to a friend last week about doing something like this. Not only would it be great to learn new things but also to have some kid-free social time!

Practical Frog said...

It is fun to meet with other woman and create things! I get together with a neighbour and a friend from down the road once a week to make bits and bobs (birthday cards, invitations, Christmas presents)and its something I try not to miss. If you are short of rain, we have more than enough here in brisbane at the moment... Feel free to come and help yourself. Its been raining here for so long my chickens have webbed feet and go quack when ever I go into the pen! - Kara

Ali M said...

love the idea of getogether.
I have suggested this for my local CWA. Fingers crossed they like the idea as they have so much knowledge to share to us "youngens"
Good job on majority homemade meals what a task!

Christine said...

I always love reading your news, Linda! The chicks are gorgeous, are they more Dorkings? Loving the idea of the skill sharing get together, off to check out that post right now! :)

purplepear said...

Oh my goodness. You are inspiring. Love reading what you have been up to for the month.

Kathryn Ray said...

Good luck with your spinning, I love your potting table and congratulations on the rain and cooler days.

Linda said...

Hi Narf7, Is there a story behind 'Narf'? I can't believe that even Tassie is dry! We have never seen it this bad.

Hi Lightly Crunchy! I googled 4-H. I don't believe we have anything like it. What a fantastic program!

Hi Amber, that's great that you're already discussing it. Keep talking until you find enough people. It's really as simple as that!

Kara you always make me laugh! And wow - a weekly get together! That's great. As for rain, I would gladly take some off your hands. Hasn't it been a ridiculous summer right across Australia.

Ali, good on you for thinking of the CWA. I would love to hear how you get on. Please let me know what the outcome is.

Yes Christine, more dorkings. Trouble is I feel so much affection for my chooks. I wish I didn't like them so damned much coz I'm going to struggle when the time comes.

Kate can I use 'the pot calling the kettle black' in a positive sense? You are so inspirational. I learn so much from your blog!

Ahh yes Kathryn. You're a spinner, aren't you? I'll get there one of these days. As for the cooler weather- it's long gone! We've had over 30(86F)degrees for days and at least another 7 days of heat predicted. Thursday is supposed to be 37(99F)! Our average high is 24(75F)for this time of year.