Friday, 15 November 2013

My kids

I'm loving being at home with the kids.  There's no doubt in my mind that it's good for them.  I've watched Belle blossom in confidence in just a little over one term.  She's a naturally quiet child and was somewhat anxious in some social settings.  Now I watch her speak comfortably to strangers at shops, libraries etc. with a clear, audible voice and I love it!

All three children are much more co-operative and seem more connected to our daily lives.  They notice what is going on around them in the house, garden and with the animals.  More and more I am seeing little changes like the children being aware when an animal needs water or the recycling needs to be emptied etc. without me needing to tell them.  I notice the co-operation most with Buddy Boy, probably because he was the least co-operative to begin with!  Lol!

Don't get me wrong.  I'm certainly not saying every day is smooth but in general I can see huge changes in my children's security, self confidence and maturity.

Academically, I worry least about Buddy because I follow set programs for his reading and maths but, while I think the girls are doing well, I'm not using a formal method with them.  We've been going with the flow a lot.  Yesterday I set out to find some good educational books so that I could follow more of a plan.  There is a lovely home-schooling mum who comments here and I am impressed by her organisation.  She plans out each school term and knows what she will teach.  She also uses a lot of online resources.  I need to check out how to use them because they look amazing!  I'm a little out of my depth with computery stuff so I tend to procrastinate with finding out how programs work.

Anyway, yesterday I set out to a bookstore I found by googling and arranged to meet my older girls there.  I chose to go to a town in their direction because I love any chance to have all of my children together at the same time.

Well the book hunting went pear shaped.  The shop didn't exist!  However I got to spend a lovely, unscheduled 'fun day' with my kids.  I also popped into one of those chain places to get my messy split ends chopped off.   While I was in the chair the girls talked Buddy into having his hair cut!  Woo Hoo! This has been an ongoing problem for a long time.  He is eight years old and yesterday was the first time that he has had a complete haircut at a hairdresser!  He wasn't completely calm but he did let her do it with a bit of coaxing.  We had to use little strategies like, "Hold up five fingers.  She'll do five cuts and every time she cuts you can put a finger down."  It helps him feel like he has some element of control over the situation. Now lets just hope his hair grows slowly over summer!!
Centre of attention - thank goodness for siblings!

Takes two hands to count; those pesky fingers won't stay down!

Not happy

Ta Da!!  Success!!!
I was glad to catch up with Rosie too.  It's only been two weeks since I've seen her but her tummy has grown so much in that time.  I feel so maternal about her at the moment and I just want to cuddle her and put my hands on her growing, kicking baby.  It's funny how expecting grandchildren makes me feel so gooey towards my pregnant daughters but I suppose it brings back memories of when I was pregnant with them.
 Four weeks to go now and I'm so excited about meeting my little grandchild!


Meg said...

I'm flattered you mentioned me Linda! I think I may look more organised than I really am :) I do plan especially for Math and English, but let me assure you there is plenty of going with the flow as well! And plenty of chaos at times, if I'm honest! I too have seen my kids grow in confidence and co-operation since they have been home. My youngest gets anxious too and I'm really happy to have her at home and to be able to give her the time she needs to grow in her confidence safely.
I can't wait to have grandkids- but mine are a long way off. You must be very excited!

Jacqui Calvert said...

School is a long way off for us (8 month old baby!) but homeschooling is something I often think about. It's really good to hear what other people do and how they make it work. We've still got a few years to think about it but I know I lean towards the homeschool option.
How exciting about the baby on the way!

Busy mum of 3 said...

It sounds like home schooling was one of the best things you ever did, that's great.

Linda said...

Meg, I've enjoyed seeing your plans. Can I change this post to link through? And yes, excited and a little bit nervous.
Jacqui, it's good to consider all your options, isn't it? There are down sides of course. There are many workshops etc. that I'd love to go to but can't coz I'm never kid free! And there are days where they try and dig in their heels.
Yes busy mum. So far, so good! Thanks for your support!

Meg said...

Happy to have you link :)

purplepear said...

A great post Linda.Lovely photos of Buddy Boy!Looking forward to hearing about the new grandchild.