Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Whether it's climate or whether it's weather

I've heard many people doubting the science behind climate change because of our current weather or reports of what the weather was like a hundred or more years ago.
I kind of understand the confusion.  People see climate and weather as the same thing.  The fact is that climate is the long term trend.  Weather is what greets us each day.
Our own Climate Commission were so concerned about climate change that they continued to operate after our current government decided they were no longer needed.  They are now funded by the people.  They have put out a sheet of facts regarding climate change.  Scientific, indisputable facts.


Sorry!  I haven't been able to highlight words for several days.  Not sure if it's my computer or if it's a blogger glitch but if you click on the above link you will learn the facts.

Have a lovely day and enjoy the beautiful weather!  Shame about the climate. 


Jude Wright said...

Thanks Linda.
I have regular heated discussions with people who claim that climate change is a myth, that Australia shouldn't have to do anything about it because we didn't make it and that if it is happening it is a natural cycle anyway. This flier will help me answer some of their arguments.

Linda said...

It's a great flier isn't it Jude! The Climate Council is on face book if you're interested in following. They have very interesting posts.

Jodie said...

Watched a great doco as part of the ABC's Catalyst Program that put into layman's explanations about how some of the extreme cold in Europe and North America is linked to climate change...funny how the "its been the coldest winter in xxx since xxx" brigade seem to not be interested in things like that.