Friday, 17 January 2014

Toughening up...

I've lost count of the number of hot days we've had in a row.  Lots!  Five?  More?  Not sure.  All I know is that yesterday I was over it!!  I was fed up and was whingeing like a real sooky lala.
Possibly I feel better this morning because we spent yesterday afternoon at the local swimming pool with friends (it was lovely and cool) or possibly I've just toughened up.  I'm not looking forward to today's heat but I'm going to accept it.
Green Gran left a comment on my blog about the Country Blossom blog.  Thanks Green Gran!  Today I'm going to really make use of the fact that it's too hot to do anything.  I'm going to check out the blog for tips on homeschooling and organisation.  From the quick peek I had, Kathy seems very organised.
We had some scant drops of rain the other night.  The kid's were so excited!
I might write up a blog post I've been meaning to do a while and, if it doesn't feel too hot, I might even spin a little.  I'll do some more planning for the kid's school year and I'll look at some of the online resources that I might be able to make use of.
I've already made up a sponge so by early afternoon I should be able to make up some sour dough bread.  It will rise by mid-afternoon.  I've made a double batch which will give me enough for two pizzas as well as my loaf of bread.  I like pizza on a hot day.  It doesn't need to cook for too long and is easy to throw together.
Anyway, I'd better toughen up and stay that way because the cool change expected later on is not really a COOL change at all.  Tomorrow will be thirty two degrees celcius (89.6 f) instead of today's forty three (109.4 f).  Still not my idea of cool!  Oooops.  I do think I'm beginning to whinge again!!!
Have a lovely day!  Stay cool and safe if you're in Australia.


purplepear said...

I'm not surprised that you're whining having to deal with that sort of heat. So far we've only got up to the high 30's. But you're right no use complaining, it doesn't get you anywhere. Good luck with coping with it all.

Rambling Tart said...

It was wicked hot here in Queensland last week - I could hardly bear it - but it's a smidgen cooler now and the air isn't quite so oppressive. I still live in front of the fan and guzzle cold drinks. :-) Wishing you some cooler weather very, very soon.

Patty@inStitches said...

Would love to split the difference with you! Here in Colorado we are very, very cold with winds at 45mph. Very dry so blowing dirt everywhere. Not sure why we have to have such extremes of high and low... I am wearing three shirts and heavy socks and sipping hot tea - enjoy your swimming and cold drinks for me.

Linda said...

Hi Kate, it's blessedly cool again this morning. I actually wanted to cry by the end of the heat wave. My garden was frying! I had to throw away tomatoes I've been watching for weeks before I'd even had my first ripe one.

Rambling tart, we heard about your heat wave. It sounded awful. I'm enjoying a cool morning today! Take care.

Oh patty, wouldn't it be good if we could swap and share! I love the fact that blogging reminds me about the rest of the world! It's easy to just focus on our little patch. Stay cosy!