Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Today I.....

Isn't it amazing how one day can be so different to the next?  What is it that makes some days work so well, yet others are disastrous?  Wish I could figure it out and bottle it.  No, not to sell and make a fortune but I would preserve it for my use!!!

Yesterday I.......

planned to teach the kids.  But I never got past the basics.  I did the washing, tidied up, watered the garden, let out the animals, met the vet down the road, took the kids to swimming, had someone drop in, milked the goat, checked my emails....  You get the idea!  I got nothing achieved.  I just did stuff!

Today I.......

Did the basics, taught the kids,
 made some memory/flash cards,
baked some biscuits with organic dried bananas (been trying to use them up coz they're very unappealing to the kids),
Organic dried bananas - yummy but not so attractive

 and I finally fertilised the only green bit left in the garden.
I took the kids to home schooling group, baked more bikkies, milked the goat, am writing a post (Hooray!!)  and feel very good about my day.

May your tomorrow (and mine) be a bottler!!!


Zara said...

Glad to hear today was a more productive one.
The homemade biccies look delicious. x

Chris said...

I wonder if it has to do with the shortening days of summer? I've felt incredibly busy lately, but feeling like I'm also just chasing my tail!

Kim said...

Yes, I have days like that Linda. Sometimes everyone walks in at the end of the day and wonders what I have been doing alllll day because the house looks the same as when they left. If only they knew!
How is the goat milking going ? Can't wait to hear a post on that.

purplepear said...

I sometimes feel like I've been chasing my tail all day. It helps if I have a list so that I can see things crossed off.

Suzie Simplelife said...

The kids are right, those dried bananas do look unappetizing...cookies look great though. I understand how you feel about disastrous days...had my day all planned yesterday and wound up taking care of my parents at the hospital...came home exhausted..there is always tomorrow .Hope you have a great day.

Linda said...

Thanks Zara. They were yum!

Chris, I have no excuses. I just see saw my way through life always!

Kim, I imagine every one of your days would be hugely busy. Goat milking is disastrous! Just posted. :-)

Kate, I love lists! However some days they don't help at all!

Suzie, I hope your parents are alright. That doesn't sound good! You take good care of yourself. xx