Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Fun and games

Brrrr!  Well that caught us by surprise, didn't it?! Just when we thought we had avoided the true winter climate that wild weather came out of nowhere.
Normally I welcome miserable weather no matter what I have planned.  I'm happy to rejoice in the fact that moisture is falling from the sky.  Not this time though!  Hubby and Rosie have big birthdays this week.  Hubby turns fifty and Rosie twenty-one.
We have planned to celebrate here at our place.  We don't do parties.  In fact, I rarely entertain even on a small scale.  Life is busy and there is always too much happenng.  However these two occasions were too important to let them slide by.  I've been planning and preparing for a large party (I originally pictured small and intimate but there are so many special people in our lives) and doing my best to do it without creating heaps of waste. 
The seating arrives
I've been cooking, making cheese, freezing and writing lists madly!  Oh and getting excited!  Every time I completed a task, I would take a moment to picture the big day.  More often than not, I would jump up and down on the spot and say, " Oh it's going to be sooo good!"  I must have said it quite a few times because Pumpkin has told me that I've already said that and "are you going to keep saying it forever?!"  Haha.
Throughout the process I've been continuing with the children's lessons, milking goats, washing clothes that I can't get dry in this weather, etc. 
So far I'm happy with my efforts at sustainability.  We've only bought the crackers (Australian) and two packets of takeaway type containers.  Though it could go pear shaped from here on in.  I've suddenly been hit by the enormity of what I have committed to doing!  I'm exhausted, falling into a dead sleep at night, only to wake and remember several jobs I want to get done the next day.  We were really looking forward to having our family and friends here at our home.  Lots of thought has gone into how it will work.  Now it looks as though the weather won't cooperate on the day and we might need to go to a local hall instead.  It will still be fun but not the same. :-(  It will feel more like 'hosting an event' than having our friends over.
So now it's panic stations.  I planned to continue with everyday life, lessons included, right through the prepartions but that's just gone out the window.  I think the kids have officially started their school holidays today through sheer necessity.  Possibly I'm panicking unnecessarily and I'm well prepared but it's really hard to know until all the jobs are done.  Thank goodness for wonderful friends and family who have offered to help with various preparation!
The kitchen as I woke to it this morning
Wish me luck and a fine weather miracle and I'll tell you all about the party next week.


Barb said...

Fingers crossed!

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Praying for fine weather for you. Take everyone up on their offers of help and do not try and do it all yourself. Put the kids to work and when the day rolls around make sure YOU enjoy yourself too.

Meg said...

I so hope you get good weather!! Sounds like a huge effort and I'm sure it will be great. The kids will be learning regardless of having lesson time or not!

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purplepear said...

Happy Birthday to the them both. Hope the weather is good to you, But if it's anything like what we are experiencing at the moment I expect you will be in the hall.