Sunday, 20 July 2014

CERES excursion and Plastic Free July report

We are well into the Plastic Free July challenge and I can confidently report a huge fail in my efforts to avoid single use plastic!
I've stopped saving my plastic since taking this photo because I managed to completely fill and even overflow this plastic bag.  I think I know all I need to know to convince me we need to try harder.  I'm even contemplating saving my plastic every month so that I can monitor how we are going.  It concerns me that we have done better in the past.  We should be moving forward, not backward!  To add insult to injury, do you see the discoloured patch on the table?  Me, who never, ever irons, decided to iron our hankies this morning.  Seeing as they are small, I thought I'd be clever and not get out the ironing board.  I just ironed them on a hand towel on the table.  Not thick enough obviously!!

We've had a great week all in all.  I've been meaning to take the kids to CERES for an excursion for a long time now.  I kept putting it off though because I find it very tiring taking the kids on a trip by myself.  While they are (usually) pretty good they still require a great deal of energy in supervision.  So when Hubby had a day off this week, we jumped at the chance to go even though it's school holidays.  It wasn't a very schoolish excursion anyway.  We basically just had a good look around.

I suffered strong pangs of chard envy!
 The children had so much fun on the play equipment!
 What a clever use of recycled materials. Buddy has taken to trying to ruin my photos with face pulling of late.
 So then I tried to take one of just his sisters, without him in it.  He didnt' like the idea of not being in the shot, so decided to be sensible.  LOL  He does love a photo of himself!!
 They also climbed on this great piece of bamboo equipment.
CERES has community garden plots, a scheme for restoring broken bikes, a market, permaculture nursery and so much more.  The children were so well occupied that I forgot to keep snapping the camera.  Hubby and I actually *gasp* held hands as we strolled along!  The kids usually keep us far too busy for those sorts of shenanigans.  We'll be going there again, for sure!  Apparently they have music playing on a Saturday morning.  I'm not sure if that's part of the market or separately but it sounds very appealing.
Have you visited CERES?  Maybe you're lucky enough to get there on a regular basis if you live in town.


Cheryl said...

We don't have a place like that up here, but it looks fantastic. It is so hard to keep plastic to a minimum. We have an upgraded recycling centre/system here in lismore, now we can put clean plastics like cling film, shopping bags, the trays shop bought biscuits sit in, that sort of stuff, in the recycling bin, it all has to be collected in a plastic bag, and tied up in a knot and put in the recycling, and it is manually removed from the conveyer belts at the plant, and they are recycling it separately. It's not perfect, but it's better than nothing.

city garden country garden said...

Glad you loved CERES Linda, it's such a fantastic place. I did my PDC there. The music on Saturday mornings is at the market, which is a lovely spot to do the weekly shopping and then just chill out for a bit.

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Hi Linda Ceres looks fab! I wish we had something like that near here, not that I have any kids to take along but it would still be fun. Don't be too hard on yourself about the plastic. I found the first week hard after I had my accident and all of a sudden it was way down on the list of priorities, I just did not have the energy.

Anne@ArtyGreen in Paradise said...

Hi Linda, it is definitely not easy cutting out plastic. I use picking up beach plastic to assuage my guilt at not being plastic free. It is an ongoing process I find. Have you tried 50/50 olive oil and white vinegar mix for furniture? It should help that mark on your table, and the day after should look better still. I love your blog - am about to go in deep...

Linda said...

Thank goodness your council are going forward Cheryl! Did you read Liz's post on Eight Acres? Her council have stopped recycling altogether. Madness!

CGCG, that must have been a great place to do your PDC. Sometimes I think the city have it better when it comes to permaculture and sustainability because there are larger networks and you can connect without jumping in a car! There are great things happening.

Fiona, I actually think it would be more fun minus the children. So much to be learned by just looking around. If you're ever coming to Melbourne, allow time to visit. It's a great place.

Hi Anne, Lovely to hear from you! Thanks for the tip. I've already rubbed some in to see if it helps. Maybe it can't penetrate the existing varnish that I burnt though because it doesn't look different yet.