Monday, 17 November 2014

My day

Another day draws to a close and I'm so glad to pick up my iPad and sit to write.  Please excuse the quality of my photos but I'm still plugging away without the computer. I suppose I should have fixed it by now but life is busy and I haven't co-ordinated a time with my computer guy (who works out of hours).

Today was much like any other. Busy but productive and enjoyable. I hung out washing and folded yesterday's load. Today saw us pick up a trailer load of manure, grabbing a couple of grocery items on the way, and helping Belle with her maths book exercises while we travelled.

I wrote up a basic weekly calendar for Buddy who is always asking me if his dad will be home today. I thought he might process the pattern of the week more easily if he can see it in front of him and cross off the days as he goes. Sure enough, he loves it! After his dad came home from work, he proudly showed him the calendar and explained which days we are home and which days we go out. I circled the weekend days so he will see at a glance when Dad will be home.
I milked goats, fed animals and chooks, watered some plants and dreamt of making Christmas presents.  As for the kitchen, dinner's eaten, sparkling elderflower sits in a tea towel covered bucket while, under another tea towel, elderflowers and lemon rind steep waiting to be made into cordial. I was lucky to have a friend invite me to cut some of her flowers yesterday.

I've read books with the kids, printed out work sheets and made some flash cards. I've been the recipient of some beautiful drawings of myself in the garden and handed out coloured paper for Belle to make Christmas decorations.

I managed to wash every sheet, doona cover and pillow case in the house and get them back onto the beds, bringing with them the scent of sunshine! I do believe it's a first for me. Normally I tend to do a couple of beds at a time.  I can't wait to go to bed tonight and I'll be wearing my favourite comfy nightie just to complete the cosy experience.
I've prepared the items I'll need to take with me tomorrow. I'm going to a friend's to make soap so I'm steeping some chamomile and I've packed my moulds and ingredients. We'll continue to our swimming lessons straight from her house.
Soon I'll put the dishwasher on and start a load of washing to hang out tomorrow.

There was so much else I wanted to achieve today that didn't get done. I wanted to sort my room and make Christmas pressies and bread.  Still, I feel great!  Today was a day like many others, they are my days lived my way and they are good!


Evi said...

Love that…. 'they are my days, lived my way'! So true! We each of us do, make, live and love in a unique way and every one of us is important within our own circle of loved ones.
Your day sounds lovely and very productive. Its so nice to be able to stop by and visit you again - I've been busy too but missed my online friends!

Lynda D said...

Lovely post Linda. Its amazing how much pleasure we get reading a post of someone who has taken the time to share their day in such a positive way.

Brittany Homemaker said...

Oh, what a lovely day! our lives are what we make them and you have made something beautiful.. :)

Chris said...

I like that quilt! Did you buy it or knew who made it? Not like the average quilt you see which is predominantly angles.

I hate it when computers go down. Lucky you have a guy. I just tend to buy a new second hand computer. Those refurbished ones last quite a while.

Glad you had such a productive day. I like freshly cleaned bed linen too. :)

Linda said...

Hi Evi, so nice to have you back!

Hi Lynda, I know I get a boost from reading other people's posts. Rhonda from Down to Earth can always motivate me to get off my butt and do housework!

Hi Brittany, thank you and lovely to have you comment!

Chris, I'm a bit lucky with the quilt. The design is called wedding ring and was made by my MIL for our first anniversary. I'have no choice but to have a guy. I know so little about computers! Where do you buy refurbished computers? I like that idea.

Chris said...

I buy mine online. I did a google search on "refurbished computers for sale". I went looking for the link I bookmarked for my PC, but couldn't find it. But I did find the one from the laptop I purchased for my daughter recently.

I purchased a refurbished laptop with 17in screen and 500GB of memory for just over $300, including postage. I also got the 12 month warranty, as opposed to the 3 month, most other places offer. This was because they were an approved repairer for ASUS.

Just make sure when you're looking around online, you check the details of the warranty. My PC was 3 months (purchased a few years ago) and my daughters laptop was 12 months (purchased this year) and I haven't needed to claim on them yet. They were purchased from 2 separate companies.

Your guy, may actually sell refurbished computers or know someone locally who does. If you can find a local, all the better. I prefer refurbished because I'm not paying top dollar and I don't get that new computer smell, which can irritate me.

But then I haven't had any major dramas with breakdowns either. Most companies which sell refurbished computers, also sell new ones - so they want your refurbished one to last, because their reputation is on the line.

Anyway, hope that helps. :)