Sunday, 23 November 2014

On my plate

Hi there, I hope you're doing something lovely with this beautiful, if somewhat hot, weekend.  I have a thousand things I could be doing but I'm lying in the hammock, under a tree, writing a post.  I've been sewing Christmas presents this afternoon and Belle has been working alongside me.

I'm loving this time of year.  I'm trying to fly through my household chores early, leaving the day free to teach the kids and then spend some time in the garden.  I'm trying to get out into it at least once a day.    That way, I can identify any problems early and I'm also aware of the food available for eating.
The little round garden is jam packed with veggies.  I've chosen to cram it all in because our biggest issue here is water.  I want to grow as much as possible in the smallest possible space so that I only need to keep one area of ground moist.  It's working quite well except I keep wanting to plant more seedlings so the 'one area' I need to keep moist has expanded to include two other small beds!  Oopsy!
In the round bed I have tomatoes that are looking very promising, eggplant, capsicum, some holey silver beet (haven't found the culprit yet), spinach, peas, leeks, carrots, dill, coriander, lettuce, nasturtiums, viola, beetroot and kohl rabi.  Of those vegetables we are harvesting lettuce, peas, a couple of carrots, spinach and the viola and nasturtiums.

I have been loving looking around the garden and planning our meals around our produce.  Yesterday I had eggs from the chook shed, goat's cheese in the fridge (thanks girls) and spinach in the garden.   Well the obvious choice was a spinach and goat's cheese quiche with a garden salad of lettuce, peas and edible flowers.  Yu-uum!! 
Now THIS is what I aspire to!  A healthy, delicious meal using ingredients from here, our place, creating next to no emissions caused by food transport, improving the soil due to us adding carbon to the soil in the form of compost during the gardening process.  What's not to love?!!

Of course, there were other ingredients, such as salt and pepper, that were bought in, but all in all, a much better way to provide food. I would be happy if I produced a meal this sustainable once a week, ecstatic if I managed it two or three times a week, and completely, absolutely smug beside myself with happiness if I could do it all the time!

Is this your aspiration too?


Frugal in Derbyshire said...

Oh yes. it's the way to live !
It's cold wet and drab here and your pics are a joy to see.
Mind you there is still food in the garden and different meals to be made. Today I have dug up some leeks, parsnip and celeriac and picked some black kale. With some potatoes from store I should be able to rustle a meal together

Lynda D said...

Well done Linda, that food looks so yummy. I cant hope to do as much as you and since i work full time, my garden time is limited. It all looks so nutritious and your family certainly knows where their food comes from. :) I'm waiting for my garlic and onion crop to be ready to pull up and this week i'll empty a potato bin for the first time. Yeah.

Kathy said...

It's very satisfying to make a meal from your backyard. Possums have eaten my veggies and they are surrounded by wire netting.. Go figure. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

Linda said...

Hi Gill, Yummy! I can see a nice, thick, warming potato and leek soup coming up! We're heading into the time of year that it's just too hot for cooked meals. Enjoy!

Lynda it sounds like you've done heaps of gardening! Potatoes already!! I don't think you *need* to go into the garden daily. It just halos me remember what I have planted and keep up with harvesting.

Hi Kathy. How frustrating! I know how you feel. Our goats got out in the orchard and while they haven't destroyed the trees, we won't be getting much fruit this year!

EcoGrrl said...

Gorgeous! Up here in Oregon, USA, we are dealing with rain and thunderstorms and pulling out the foods we canned from this summer and fall. Getting ready for Thanksgiving celebration and happy to have pureed and frozen pumpkin from our garden, and getting lots of local root veggies, mushrooms, and cranberries now in season to enjoy. Have fun in the heat!

Anne@ArtyGreen in Paradise said...

Yes we aspire to that too, and feel pretty pleased even when half comes from our garden. I know how you feel about possums etc getting your crops. I have planted wormwood this year and plan to hang some from fruit trees as it is apparently a deterrent to all sorts of creatures...I hope it works.

Linda said...

Hi ecogrrl, I love that you are able to enjoy the food you grew in another season! I only just started learning how to preserve last year but I'm hoping to preserve heaps from my own garden this year.

Hi Anne, I haven't heard that about wormwood but I have two wormwood plants that I grew from cuttings earlier in the year. I need to look after them well. Sounds like they are usefull in all sorts of ways.